Good day followers and others! We are desperate and need help. This is our Rocky! My husband and I are facing a dilemma with our dog, Rocky. His picture is up above. I was bit last night when a piece of onion fell on the floor and our little guy thought he should have the morsel. I placed my foot on the onion, knowing onions aren’t good for little 4-leggeds as well as big 4-leggeds, and he lunged at my toes with his teeth creating a big hurt.

He turns two-years-old in May.

Needless to say, Rocky saw the pen all night long, and I only allowed him to go outside to potty. The next day I set up new rules. Any type of aggressive behavior Rocky would serve jail time in the pen for unacceptable behavior.  He no longer is allowed to be hanging around when we eat. To the pen he goes. He no longer is able to wander in the kitchen when I’m cooking.

He did view the world behind bars quite a few times after the incident. This is not the first time either my husband or I have found Rocky’s teeth imprints on our hands or feet.

We think some of this behavior stems back to his puppy hood. My friend brought her grandchildren over to visit us.  They were all I think in school at the time. I figured Rocky didn’t face any danger with these children, so I gave my attention to my friend. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed one of her granddaughters throwing Rocky in the air like he was a ball. I couldn’t believe their actions. The night of this incident all this puppy did was cry every time he moved. We, meaning my daughter and I because my husband was out of town, visited the vet who gave him an injection. He told me, he didn’t really find anything wrong with Rocky. Rocky quit eating and drinking and twice he had IV fluids. I coaxed him using sugar water to drink and fed him chicken. One little piece at a time.

Another problem, we didn’t realize is we took our puppy home at six weeks. We later read puppies need to stay with their mother until at least seven or eight weeks. When we came to pick Rocky up, he was isolated by the other puppies. He was apathetic, but his brothers pranced and danced around my feet wanting to get picked up.

I believe he became aggressive after we moved to MA. Maybe he was six months old. I don’t really recall. We didn’t have him neutered because we found out once again my husband’s company closed its door.  We moved back to Florida. He was neutered shortly there after. The vet told us his aggressive actions would calm down. Not! He continued with the same behavior.

I want to let you know our dog is like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He can one minute be licking your hand and the next minute growl or give the evil eye, “Leave me the heck alone.”

The vet suggested we take him to obedience training. Well, he became bored with this and decided he wanted to watch the other dogs. He is not dumb. He is easy to train. He performs many tricks which I taught him.


We followed two suggestions to no avail. One person told us to pick up Rocky by the scuff of his neck off the floor and when he began to cry, drop him. First, of all I couldn’t do this to him. Second, of all, we would have received numerous bites.

For some of you, I realize you might tell us to get rid of the dog. We love him and won’t get rid of him. There are many things we delight in this dog to “Wild Boy” play when he runs through the house like crazy with ears flying back and his little tongue hanging out. His yelps and little tail waggin’ when we arrive home. His always having and wanting to touch us when we are sitting. He is adorable.

Another problem we experience with Rocky is when he barks. He barks at any animal on TV and unfortunately, any African American man. He is prejudice. We are not and never have been prejudice. He loves men vs. women and loves to hang out with them. Why, I don’t know. He was raised in his early puppy years by a woman. We tried sprays of water from the water bottle which reads, “Rocky’s barking bottle.” This didn’t work.

Okay, dog lovers here’s the question. Do any of you have advice for us and our little guy? Please no crank things such as something which would hurt our dog. IT’S NOT HAPPENING!!

I hope someone sends me some suggestions. Thank you in advance. By the way, we can’t afford expensive procedures. Take care. God bless you. sle