I recently read with interest and with concern that Baby Boomers are one of the largest groups who are committing suicide. Let me define who are baby boomers

BABY BOOMERS were born from 1945 to 1964. This means my friends, my acquaintances and at one time the people I rubbed shoulders with at work. 

Here are some of the reasons given for suicides. We are Velcro group for many of us nothing stuck whatever our plans were as young people and as adults. Disillusion of what and how our life would turn out gave us despair.

1.  Loss of job and companies closings.

I remember when husband’s company closed in  Bradenton due to the main company found pouring chemicals into the sewer. From then on, we faced nothing but company closures and lay offs. Our hopes would soar as he became gainfully employed. Then our hearts dropped when his employment fell through. This took a great adjustment financially and emotionally.

2. Loss of homes.

The next to last job my husband’s corporation closed the branch company where he worked. We watched our hopes of retirement into an comfortable home in Northern Florida become shattered. This devastated us.

3,  Lack of family unity

Because my husband and I are in a second marriage, and we all faced many problems during my children’s and teen years, we despite my wishes never became close.  I swore as a young adult I’d never become like my mother where we, her children grew to be strangers. Yet, before my eyes this very thing happened.

4.  A youth oriented society

I decided to go back to school and obtain my BA degree at fifty. Yet, I found once I graduated from college a resistence to finding an occupation in my chosen field. We were always been told from the time I was a young person nothing can stop you but you.

5.  Disability and infirments

These are things my husband and I never considered. I have a laundry list of problems. Some of the problems Baby Boomers face are hypertension, obesity, depression.  Yes, I’ll admit during these times of stress I mourned the lack of jobs, financial security, loss of our home, relocation, saying goodbye to friends made, and oh so many disappointments. I haven’t been so sadden when I watched my husband waste away. He went through nine doctors and finally we found the reason for his illness. However, all of the doctors visits, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, depleted the little nest egg we saved once again for our retirement home, Again grief over loss.

6.  Over use opiates and substances such alcohol and illegal drugs.

I believe this started with the glorification of the flower children and Beatles and many of the famous rock groups of the day.

7.  I’ll group this into one. Vietnam Veterans and their lack of acceptance by their country as well as their illnesses attributed to fighting a war along with the spraying of Agent Orange and their consumption of drugs.

We have the feminists who were promises never added up. Many of  the women lost home, husband and family because they were married to their jobs.

There are all types of examples found in the internet. We had a friend who ran an successful business as a ophthalmologists who suffered from depression. The couple faced the lost of their home because of financial bills, and this man couldn’t deal with the burden. He jumped from a bridge into a dry river. He died instantly.  What a loss. What a tragedy. A wife without a husband and pregnant, and a little girl who worshipped her daddy.

As I read page after page of the reasons suggesting for the escalation of suicides never once did I see an solution to the problem.


What I’m saying God-Jesus is the answer for our strength as we weathered each of the storms or sometimes many storms at the same time. He was and is our anchor. I don’t know the reason why we suffered each of these upsets in life, but we did.

For me the only way to survive these rough days ahead of us with a government who seems to not care about its citizens with a society who worship youth and a world which is all about the “me”, the only answer is Jesus.  Jesus died for you and me. He is coming again. All we have to do is ask him to come into our lives to forgive us. He wants to be our friend, our God. I hope you decide to accept Him into your life. Read John 3:16 and know He loves you. This is the reason for His dying on the cross.

God bless you all. sle