Hi all!
You’d think a writer could think of something cutesy to say about herself. It’s not happening. Let me tell you a little about me.
I’m old enough to know better. I was a stubborn, bucking bronco when I was young and sampled almost everything wild. Thank God those days are over with.

Along came three, wonderful adult children. Remember, they were a chip off the old block, so they displayed some of their inherited tendencies when they were young. Thank God those days are over with.

Now, I’m a grandma of four, biological grandchildren who do not exhibit any genes classified as “Wild Oats.” Thank God. I have four, step grandchildren, besides. Don’t think any of this rowdy behavior will occur in them as well.

I’ve been married to a wonderful guy named Jose, for going on close to thirty-eight years. We share our home with a little dog name Rocky – a multi/poo. He expresses his Napoleon attitude throughout the day. Plus thinking he rules the den, no cows, ducks, dogs, cats or any other creature is allowed to flash themselves on our TV without a frenzied, barking session. He then walks away proud he made them disappear.

For hobbies, I read-lots of it- ranging from non-fiction to fiction thrillers. I sing in our church choir. I love to cook and try different recipes much to my husband’s chagrin. He’s a meat, rice, bean and tortilla man.

I caught the writing bug after years and years of working long hours as a nurse. I do belong to a special group of people who assist me in keeping my head on straight. We occasionally love to spend some time with our friends.

I guess the other particulars are I graduated from USF in my mid- fifties with a major in ISS. For the past four years plus, I’ve taken every possible class I could possibly afford too in writing, Now, after much reading and taking a classes on blogging, I’ve decided to start my own blog.

To you the reader, I hope you find the various subjects I’m going to blog about interesting. They’re all about women and the things we deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’m open to any suggestions about the subject matter or comments. Please make yourself at home and follow me as we travel through the world of living as a woman.


Sharon Espinosa


6 thoughts on “About

  1. So good to see you’ve joined the “blogging” world. Love the picture on your main page – very serene! Makes me wish I was there – where ever that place is! Ha ha!

    • Hi Pat! God always gives me surprises. I’ve been frettin’ about getting followers in order to announce my novel when it gets published. It’s not far from being completed. Then I need to save all my pennys to get it published. Thank you for becoming a follower..i appreciate your sweetness and your inner beauty. I now think I know what one of my blogs is going to be about in blog after next and this is Al-anon and my road.. Ha! Why didn’t I think of this before. .

  2. good entry page ! You neglected to say, how, sometimes, we get to laughing and can hardly stop ! The reason we are good friends is that we agree to disagree, even if we get “miffed”, which only lasts long enough til the next hug !! Then we start laughing all over again !!….go figure………. but it has worked for almost 30 years….and we are still having fun ! BUT don’t call ME OLD!….Just ignore that segment of my life !!….and… We’ll just continue to get along..the young woman and the “old” fart !….What do’ya say?

    • Well dear friend!
      I overlooked your comments. I’m sorry. Yes, you are correct. We can talk for fours either on the phones or when we visit. We laugh at crazy, zany things. We have our disagreements, but in the end we love each other. This is the most important thing.

      I love you, my friend.

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