Today our freedom is dissolving away as quickly as a block of ice does on a hot day.  When President Obama took office in 2009 our nation’s index was listed as 6th. Our country is the only nation to have recorded a loss for seven years straight. Would you fight to regain the freedom lost like those in the Ukraine or shed your blood like them or as our forefathers did?


We suffered a loss in property rights, freedom from corruption, and control of government spending. The areas of finance and healthy care have eroded our freedom. We didn’t vote on Obama Care, but the Democrats pushed through this national health care system without even reading the blasted thing. Would it become the law of the land if we had the opportunity to read it and vote on it? I don’t know, but I think anything affecting us to the extent this law does should have been voted on. Also, the growth of the government and increased cronyisms has undermined the rule of the law and the perception of fairness.

Between 2001 and 2013 federal outlays jumped from $1.86 trillion to $3.80 trillion an increase of 104% or about 8% per year.

Federal Government spends now 23% of GDP.

As the government increases in size so does dependency on the government increase. Today, there are 21.8% dependent on the government according to the Heritage Foundation.


Ronald Regan stated, “There is a threat posed to human freedom by the enormous power of the modern state,” he said in 1982. “History teaches the dangers of government that overreaches: political control taking precedence over free economic growth, secret police, mindless bureaucracy, all combining to stifle individual excellence and personal.”

Because of the Affordable Care Act, the government is going to reduce Medicare Advantage in 2015 in which millions of the aged belong to. According to Avalere Health, a Washington-based health policy firm estimates that at least 13% of the plans will be eliminated as a result of the cuts.


Prior to this, Obama stole $716 billion from Medicare. This is the reason for the so called Death Panel. Since the end of 2013, no one over the age of 75 and who is dependent on Medicare will be able to receive stint surgeries or bypass surgeries. Besides, if an emergency arises after hospital hours and on the weekend and the board can’t be notified; those people in this age bracket will either suffer or die before consent is obtained. 



Here are some other contributing factors to the erosion of our freedom.  Believe it or not, China’s unions are strong and so is Russia’s union siding with the government whenever its workers face a conflict. One example of unions in our country at work is the workers of the Volkswagen company denied UAW access into their company. Yet, the UAW because it was refused into a foreign, owned automobile manufacturing company is taking Volkswagon to court. I believe unions undermine pride in one’s work-the backbone of this country. The few times I worked with union laborers, I noticed a pathetic lack of care. To me their attitude consisted of “I can’t be fired.” Consequently, everyone who worked with them and received their slovenly work suffered. They undermine freedom in our country of the american worker.

Today, the workers in Detroit who made large sums of money suffer from not having a paycheck. Whereas, the workers in Mexico reap the benefit and so does the company, A win-win for both the employee and the employer.  Long ago, my dad spoke against unions and stated they had seen their day and served their purpose. I agree with him.


Have also played a role in the decrease of our freedom. Today, farmers no longer can grow food because of their land becoming zoned as an environmental free zone. The rise of beef and food products are the results of environmentalists.  Our taxes on gas are supposed to help with green energy. Baa humbug! Osama’s attempt to fund green energy is a wash. Besides this China which is the world’s greatest contributor to ozone pollution displays no desire to slow down.

On top of this semi truckers are facing and the small companies are facing great expenses to meet the demands of the federal government.

To me, this does not sound like a democratic country. A government with all its regulations and laws squeaks and stinks like it is a Socialistic company.  

Here is the list of countries that have a freer Freedom index than we do.

The Most Free

1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore
3. Australia
4. Switzerland
5. New Zealand
6. Canada
7. Chile
8. Mauritius
9. Ireland

10. Denmark


Estonia is No. 11, just ahead of the United States, and Bahrain is No. 13, just behind us. (Bahrain’s relatively high rank among the 178 nations in the Index reinforces that it measures economic freedom.)

The problem I see with all of this is none one of us have ever stood up and said, “Enough!” We’ve allowed for public officials to yap away and about their indignation of what Obama or the democrats have done, but no action has occurred. There’s an old clique, “Birds of a feather fly together.

Can we take America back out of the hands of people with either evil intent or desire to pad their pockets as our nations falters? Is it too late? I don’t know? What do you think?

Please remember God is in control. We can pray for this country to return to the land our forefathers envisioned and not the Socialistic country so many politicians strive to mold our country into becoming. Who is greater? God is.

Remember Jesus saves and because He died on the cross, we have salvation. This is all of us. No sin is greater than the other one. He died and rose again. He lives and wishes to take an active role in our lives. Remember John 3:16.

God Bless you all. sle




Good day followers and others! We are desperate and need help. This is our Rocky! My husband and I are facing a dilemma with our dog, Rocky. His picture is up above. I was bit last night when a piece of onion fell on the floor and our little guy thought he should have the morsel. I placed my foot on the onion, knowing onions aren’t good for little 4-leggeds as well as big 4-leggeds, and he lunged at my toes with his teeth creating a big hurt.

He turns two-years-old in May.

Needless to say, Rocky saw the pen all night long, and I only allowed him to go outside to potty. The next day I set up new rules. Any type of aggressive behavior Rocky would serve jail time in the pen for unacceptable behavior.  He no longer is allowed to be hanging around when we eat. To the pen he goes. He no longer is able to wander in the kitchen when I’m cooking.

He did view the world behind bars quite a few times after the incident. This is not the first time either my husband or I have found Rocky’s teeth imprints on our hands or feet.

We think some of this behavior stems back to his puppy hood. My friend brought her grandchildren over to visit us.  They were all I think in school at the time. I figured Rocky didn’t face any danger with these children, so I gave my attention to my friend. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed one of her granddaughters throwing Rocky in the air like he was a ball. I couldn’t believe their actions. The night of this incident all this puppy did was cry every time he moved. We, meaning my daughter and I because my husband was out of town, visited the vet who gave him an injection. He told me, he didn’t really find anything wrong with Rocky. Rocky quit eating and drinking and twice he had IV fluids. I coaxed him using sugar water to drink and fed him chicken. One little piece at a time.

Another problem, we didn’t realize is we took our puppy home at six weeks. We later read puppies need to stay with their mother until at least seven or eight weeks. When we came to pick Rocky up, he was isolated by the other puppies. He was apathetic, but his brothers pranced and danced around my feet wanting to get picked up.

I believe he became aggressive after we moved to MA. Maybe he was six months old. I don’t really recall. We didn’t have him neutered because we found out once again my husband’s company closed its door.  We moved back to Florida. He was neutered shortly there after. The vet told us his aggressive actions would calm down. Not! He continued with the same behavior.

I want to let you know our dog is like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He can one minute be licking your hand and the next minute growl or give the evil eye, “Leave me the heck alone.”

The vet suggested we take him to obedience training. Well, he became bored with this and decided he wanted to watch the other dogs. He is not dumb. He is easy to train. He performs many tricks which I taught him.


We followed two suggestions to no avail. One person told us to pick up Rocky by the scuff of his neck off the floor and when he began to cry, drop him. First, of all I couldn’t do this to him. Second, of all, we would have received numerous bites.

For some of you, I realize you might tell us to get rid of the dog. We love him and won’t get rid of him. There are many things we delight in this dog to “Wild Boy” play when he runs through the house like crazy with ears flying back and his little tongue hanging out. His yelps and little tail waggin’ when we arrive home. His always having and wanting to touch us when we are sitting. He is adorable.

Another problem we experience with Rocky is when he barks. He barks at any animal on TV and unfortunately, any African American man. He is prejudice. We are not and never have been prejudice. He loves men vs. women and loves to hang out with them. Why, I don’t know. He was raised in his early puppy years by a woman. We tried sprays of water from the water bottle which reads, “Rocky’s barking bottle.” This didn’t work.

Okay, dog lovers here’s the question. Do any of you have advice for us and our little guy? Please no crank things such as something which would hurt our dog. IT’S NOT HAPPENING!!

I hope someone sends me some suggestions. Thank you in advance. By the way, we can’t afford expensive procedures. Take care. God bless you. sle    










I recently read with interest and with concern that Baby Boomers are one of the largest groups who are committing suicide. Let me define who are baby boomers

BABY BOOMERS were born from 1945 to 1964. This means my friends, my acquaintances and at one time the people I rubbed shoulders with at work. 

Here are some of the reasons given for suicides. We are Velcro group for many of us nothing stuck whatever our plans were as young people and as adults. Disillusion of what and how our life would turn out gave us despair.

1.  Loss of job and companies closings.

I remember when husband’s company closed in  Bradenton due to the main company found pouring chemicals into the sewer. From then on, we faced nothing but company closures and lay offs. Our hopes would soar as he became gainfully employed. Then our hearts dropped when his employment fell through. This took a great adjustment financially and emotionally.

2. Loss of homes.

The next to last job my husband’s corporation closed the branch company where he worked. We watched our hopes of retirement into an comfortable home in Northern Florida become shattered. This devastated us.

3,  Lack of family unity

Because my husband and I are in a second marriage, and we all faced many problems during my children’s and teen years, we despite my wishes never became close.  I swore as a young adult I’d never become like my mother where we, her children grew to be strangers. Yet, before my eyes this very thing happened.

4.  A youth oriented society

I decided to go back to school and obtain my BA degree at fifty. Yet, I found once I graduated from college a resistence to finding an occupation in my chosen field. We were always been told from the time I was a young person nothing can stop you but you.

5.  Disability and infirments

These are things my husband and I never considered. I have a laundry list of problems. Some of the problems Baby Boomers face are hypertension, obesity, depression.  Yes, I’ll admit during these times of stress I mourned the lack of jobs, financial security, loss of our home, relocation, saying goodbye to friends made, and oh so many disappointments. I haven’t been so sadden when I watched my husband waste away. He went through nine doctors and finally we found the reason for his illness. However, all of the doctors visits, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, depleted the little nest egg we saved once again for our retirement home, Again grief over loss.

6.  Over use opiates and substances such alcohol and illegal drugs.

I believe this started with the glorification of the flower children and Beatles and many of the famous rock groups of the day.

7.  I’ll group this into one. Vietnam Veterans and their lack of acceptance by their country as well as their illnesses attributed to fighting a war along with the spraying of Agent Orange and their consumption of drugs.

We have the feminists who were promises never added up. Many of  the women lost home, husband and family because they were married to their jobs.

There are all types of examples found in the internet. We had a friend who ran an successful business as a ophthalmologists who suffered from depression. The couple faced the lost of their home because of financial bills, and this man couldn’t deal with the burden. He jumped from a bridge into a dry river. He died instantly.  What a loss. What a tragedy. A wife without a husband and pregnant, and a little girl who worshipped her daddy.

As I read page after page of the reasons suggesting for the escalation of suicides never once did I see an solution to the problem.


What I’m saying God-Jesus is the answer for our strength as we weathered each of the storms or sometimes many storms at the same time. He was and is our anchor. I don’t know the reason why we suffered each of these upsets in life, but we did.

For me the only way to survive these rough days ahead of us with a government who seems to not care about its citizens with a society who worship youth and a world which is all about the “me”, the only answer is Jesus.  Jesus died for you and me. He is coming again. All we have to do is ask him to come into our lives to forgive us. He wants to be our friend, our God. I hope you decide to accept Him into your life. Read John 3:16 and know He loves you. This is the reason for His dying on the cross.

God bless you all. sle 






Bible Verses For The Soul- Song of Songs A Book Of Love


First of all folks, I apologize for not blogging. I’m attempting to determine the number of blogs I can post.  Continue to incorporate the critiques of my novel as well as take a writing short story class and produce a good worth while to read without errors, blog. I’ve decided to continue to post blogs on the Bible as well as blog my normal blog about the events of the day and possibly incorporate a personal blog regarding my struggles as a writer from the beginning until now.

I must say how about those Sea Hawks. I yelled and screamed, and we munched on our snacks. They won, Hooray! 

February is the month of love, and I decided what a better way to blog about but in the book of love, Song of Songs by Solomon. 

Song of Songs Chapter 1

1 This is Solomon’s Song of Songs, more wonderful than any other.

Young Woman

2 Kiss me and kiss me again,
for your love is sweeter than wine.
3 How fragrant your cologne;
your name is like its spreading fragrance.
No wonder all the young women love you!
4 Take me with you; come, let’s run!
The king has brought me into his bedroom.

Young Women of Jerusalem

How happy we are for you, O king.
We praise your love even more than wine.

Young Woman

How right they are to adore you.

5 I am dark but beautiful,
O women of Jerusalem-
dark as the tents of Kedar,
dark as the curtains of Solomon’s tents.
6 Don’t stare at me because I am dark-
the sun has darkened my skin.
My brothers were angry with me;
they forced me to care for their vineyards,
so I couldn’t care for myself-my own vineyard.

7 Tell me, my love, where are you leading your flock today?
Where will you rest your sheep at noon?
For why should I wander like a prostitute
among your friends and their flocks?

Young Man

8 If you don’t know, O most beautiful woman,
follow the trail of my flock,
and graze your young goats by the shepherds’ tents.
9 You are as exciting, my darling,
as a mare among Pharaoh’s stallions.
10 How lovely are your cheeks;
your earrings set them afire!
How lovely is your neck,
enhanced by a string of jewels.
11 We will make for you earrings of gold
and beads of silver.

Young Woman

12 The king is lying on his couch,
enchanted by the fragrance of my perfume.
13 My lover is like a sachet of myrrh
lying between my breasts.
14 He is like a bouquet of sweet henna blossoms
from the vineyards of En-gedi.

Young Man

15 How beautiful you are, my darling,
how beautiful!
Your eyes are like doves.

Young Woman

16 You are so handsome, my love,
pleasing beyond words!
The soft grass is our bed;
17 fragrant cedar branches are the beams of our house,
and pleasant smelling firs are the rafters.


The headings identifying the speakers are not in the original text, though the Hebrew usually gives clues by means of the


When I first read this chapter I became awe struck  by the words of love which flowed between the two lovers. How beautiful. They delighted in each other. How many of you who are in a relationship or were in a relationship felt this way about you husband or love one. After almost thirty-eight years of marriage, for me to know my husband is sitting watching TV in the front room brings me pleasure. I love his presence. The sound of his voice warms my heart. I love his kisses and his hugs. I respect him. We are growing older now. The wrinkles are plentiful, the hair is thinner, and no longer is my figure curvaceous as it once was. Yet, we love each other more than the first day we fell in love.

The chapter describes the imagination of each other’s touch. We are reminded God made us all alike. It doesn’t matter what era we came from. This young maiden faces the insecurities we women face today. “Am I pretty enough. Will he love me if he know and sees this about me?”  The young maiden doesn’t realize her lover accepts her for herself. As Jesus accepts us for who we are.

In some respects we can compare this relationship to Jesus and our relationship. In Matt. 5:13-16 He spoke on The Sermon on the Mount and described we Christians are the salt of the earth. Without us, the world loses the understanding of what is right and wrong. Jesus continues and describes the salt which has lost its flavor. What good is it? No longer does the salt provide taste, so we throw the stuff away.  The Christian who can’t be distinguished from the world loses their flavor. The issues of the day which seem to keep popping up are abortion, living together, gay rights, and slowly euthanasia is gaining attention, and pedophilia is no longer frowned upon by a growing number in the world. These things are totally against God’s laws. Jesus describes us as the light of the world. Without us, darkness will exist. I shudder to think about an earth where no Christians exist. His great commission is vs. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and gorify your Father which is in heaven.

In ancient times, salt was a precious commodity. It was used as money to trade for things. The Romans paid with salt. This is maybe where the old clique comes from.” They’re worth their salt.”

Let me tell you what Jesus did for me as a small child. He took a little, scared four-year-old who found herself moving from one foster home to another and placed her into the welcoming arms of a couple named David and Lois Evans. Little did any of us know my dad was Welsh and so was my birth father. My mother was Swedish and my birth mother was Norwegian.  My parents raised my up in a Swedish Baptist church, and I experienced the culture. How fortunate and blessed could I be?  Do I find fault with God because I wasn’t raised up with my biological family. The answer is no. My God knows everything, and He knew what was best for this person now grown and old. He still knows what is best for me. I did meet my birth mother and siblings. My birth mother has since passed away, but at least, I got to see her. I still am contact with my brothers and sisters and love them dearly. I  have a brother whom I was raised up with, and we share a lot of family experiences together. I love him as well. So, all told I have three brothers and one sister. One of my biological unfortunately passed away in her early sixties, but not until I met her.

If you do not know who Jesus is, I hope you accept Him before it is too late. God bless you. Remember Jesus died on the cross for you and me and rose again.  John 3:16  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have ever lasting life.  CONFESS your sins-Repent. ASK Jesus to come into your life.  ACCEPT the gift. TELL someone you accepted Christ into your live. ATTEND a church that preaches the Bible from cover to cover. Take care. sle