I’ve never reviewed a movie before, but I have to discuss the movie “The Lone Survivor.” Before I do, I want to wish Michelle Obama, Happy Belated Birthday. I hope she enjoyed my birthday gift I gave her. The money spent to fly her on Air Force One, to and from Hawaii by herself, could have kept my husband and I comfortable for the remainder of our lives plus helped disabled vets or homeless vets. What do you think?

The number of interviews by Marcus Luttrell, who the movie is centered on in real life, by various newscasters peaked my interest. Probably one of the interviewees helped to seal my determination to see the movie after some of the comments he made such as the movie glorifies war and the military. Let me suggest to you, fella, to don your suit, hang them on the hanger plus your business shirt in the closet and place your fancy shoes in the closet floor in exchange for a uniform and combat boots. You need to go through basic training and then the stringent training to become a Seal. You’re going to find your butt right smack dab in Afghanistan for a tour. I bet you never open your big mouth about glorifying war and the military.

The movie displayed the agony of war and the comradeship of a small group of men, and their dedication to each other who against all odds fought off the Taliban. I closed my eyes when the lone survivor was captured for a few minutes by the Taliban, and they were going to behead him. I cried as each of the men in the group lost their brave lives. I cried when the Afghanistan leader of his village bravely defended the life of the American survivor, and they met again after Marcus’s recovery,

Talk about bravery and courage. One doesn’t realize the life our men lead in Afghanistan, and their zeal to fight for a people who want their country back. Also, my heart went out to this simple, village man; he is only a small representative of citizens of his country.

I am so proud of these young men and women who gave up their lives for a people who want freedom.

Another thing which stirs my wrath is the way this government treats its military under leadership of a president who reflects no tenderness to these brave souls. An example of this is a change in the way the disabled vets are going to collect their disability. According to the VA this change is going to make it simpler for them to expedite the needed disability. One drawback is each disabled must fill out the form on a computer. Now you and I know about government questionnaires. One example of this is our income tax forms we have to fill out. They take an accountant to fill our forms. Another thing is according to what I read all documents must be in order before the disability checks can begin. In other words, the vet can’t collect any disability checks from the time of injury. As now, the disabled vets receive a large sum once the disability is filed. This to me is so unfair. What are your thoughts on this?

Why is it these young and women do not receive the best care? The best treatment? Why is it the troops do not receive a hero’s welcome from the whole country?

On top of this the House passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill which cuts most veterans retirement benefits. The founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America call this a total betrayal of those who served in the military.

Nearly 50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were either homeless or in a federal program aimed at keeping them off the streets during 2013, almost triple the number in 2011, according to numbers reported by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The number among this generation falling on hard times is rising sharply even as homelessness among veterans of all ages and conflicts has been on the decline, according to the VA.

Advocates for the homeless say many of the estimated 2.5 million Americans who served in the two wars went into combat zones on multiple deployments, something many veterans of previous conflicts never had to endure.

“They’re coming home to a bad economy. The country is different. Their families are different. They are different. Plus they are dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other issues around mental health,” says Gregory Scott, president of New Directions For Veterans, a non-profit assistance group in Los Angeles. So, what do you think is the cause of this?



My heart goes out to the disabled, and the men and women who served this country. THANK YOU for your courage. THANK YOU for wanting to make a difference. And SHAME on the Congress and the man sitting in the oval office who doesn’t care about his troops. My prayer for you Mr. Obama is for you realize Jesus is Lord. He knew you when you were in your mother’s womb. He called you by name. He wants to become your King.


For those of you, who don’t know the Lord; let me tell you Jesus died on the cross so all can become saved. He rose again. He lives.  CONFESS your sins. REPENT.  BELIEVE He rose again. ACCEPT the gift. TELL someone you accepted Christ into you heart. ATTEND a church which believes the Bible from cover to cover.  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.

My next blog is going to be on Tuesday, January 21 Recipes-Good cooking; Thursday, January 23, Humor for the Soul; Friday, January 24, Scripture for the Soul and then on January 25, my regular blog. God Bless You All. I welcome all comments. sle





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