I can remember as a child when the whole neighborhood played hide- and-go-seek game. The cry of a child would ring our, “Ollie Ollie oxen free” Screams and the sounds of running feet headed to the safety occurred. I remember, generations later my children playing  with a group of kids Hide And Go Seek. I’d holler their names out the door and tell them to come home because dinner was almost ready. They’d come in with flushed faces, engulf their food and run outside to play the game some more until dusk. Those were the days. A parent warned their children about strangers. I insisted all three walk together wherever they went, but the threat to a child was far less than exists now. A child could play outside in their own backyard and yes, even in the front yard without fear of abduction.  

In the past few years, we’ve read a lot about child abductions. What a scary world to live in for children, parents, and family of the child. What a world we live in. I children can’t play outside without being accompanies by a parent. We have to worry about open windows where an kidnapper will take our children.

The most recent, comprehensive national study for the number of missing children estimated in 1999:
Approximately 800,000 children younger than 18 were reported missing.
More than 200,000 children were abducted by family members.
More than 58,000 children were abducted by nonfamily members. An estimated 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. These “stereotypical” kidnappings involved someone the child did not know or was an acquaintance. The child was held overnight, transported 50 miles or more, killed, ransomed or held with the intent to keep the child permanently.


Again in both of these examples candy was used to lure the child. I can’t believe it after all of these years of teaching children not to go with adults. Do not accept candy from any adults.   OUR CHIDLREN ARE VULNERABLE!

A 10-year-old girl was lured with candy and money by

an 85-year-old male neighbor and long-term acquaintance

into his home, where he sexually assaulted the

child. The caretaker did not contact police because she

said she had no concrete evidence and the child was

not injured. (Not missing)


A 9-year-old girl was lured into the perpetrator’s camper

trailer with an offer of candy. The perpetrator, a 35-yearold

male, detained the child by force in the trailer for an

hour while he sexually assaulted her. The police were

called for a reason other than to locate or recover the

child, and the perpetrator was arrested. (Not missing



1.   Check out babysitters, suspicious people in the neighborhood and anyone you hire to work in your home. Many states list convicted sexual predators on special Web sites. You can obtain information at or by calling your local FBI office. Get references of people you want to hire and be sure to check them out.

2.   After workers leave your home, check ALL windows and doors to make sure they are locked.

3.   Never leave garage door openers or spare house keys “hidden” in spots where they might easily be found.

4.   Tell your children that, “Strangers mean danger”. If someone stops next to them in a car, tell them to run away toward the rear of the car since backing up fast is difficult. What I also learned in read this is any adult sometimes children will go with an acquaintance such as a neighbor or a friend of the family who wishes to harm them.

5.   If youngsters are on a bike, hold it between them and the abductors car. If they are pulled into a car, they should jump into the backseat as soon as possible and try to escape through the window. PRACTICE THIS SCENARIO.

6.   Develop code words for anyone you trust to pick up your children and teach your little ones the code. Tell them not to ride or go with anyone who doesn’t know the code. PRACTICE THIS CODE WORD so the child know this word like they know their own name.

7.   Know the places your children play, learn about their friends and friends’ families – especially before they go to people’s homes to play.

8.   Show children safe places in your neighborhood to run to if they feel threatened – the home of a trusted friend, the local police station or firehouse.

9.   Tell children to trust their instincts. “If they think something’s wrong with someone they meet, they should run away.”

10.  Warn children not to fall for common lures such as: needing help finding a lost puppy. Some molesters tell youngsters they are cute and want to take their picture, or that they have a toy or candy for them. When children hear these approaches from a stranger, they should run fast to a safe place. PRACTICE THIS SCENARIO.

11.  If kids get lost while shopping they should go to the nearest security guard or cashier. DO NOT ASK A SHOPPER THEY DON’T KNOW AND DO NOT GO INTO THE PARKING LOT TO SEARCH FOR YOU.

12.  Children can make a potential abductor panic and flee by screaming at the top of their lungs, “He’s kidnapping me!!!!!,” or “Fire” will quickly bring attention to the attempted abduction.

13,  Tell children to walk on sidewalks, as far away from the curb as possible against the flow of traffic so they can see who’s approaching. That will make it more difficult for them to be surprised by a driver and quickly snatched.

14.  Never let your little children use a public restroom by themselves.

15.  Warn older children never to hitchhike.

16.  Review the security policy of your child’s school and day-care centers. Don’t be shy about speaking up if you see a flaw.

17.  Avoid putting your children’s names on their garments and possessions. When children hear their names called, they let their guard down, thinking it’s someone they know.

18.  For identification purposes, take a lock of your child’s hair for DNA.

19.  Prepare your children well – these (abductors and predators) are anywhere – and it can happen anywhere!

The Velcro technique — Make like Velcro: Grab and hold onto something and do not let go. Grab a tree, grab a bike, grab a stop sign post, or even grab a different adult, because another adult is not usually involved in an abduction. This makes it harder to disengage a child in an attempted abduction.  

Some of the information I read was to give your child a whistle. I’m not sure how effective this would be. I asked myself if I would stop and turn around if I heard a child blowing a whistle. Now, I would, but I don’t know if I would have before this, Tell the child to bang on something. Scream loud “They’re stealing me!” and keep screaming it as loud as they can.

The more I read and there is a lot of information for parents and teenagers. Please don’t say, “this could never happen to my child. We live in a gated community.” Be aware there is no class discrimination. For me this is scary as I read it. I tremble when I think of people with such evil intent want to use, sexually abuse and kill our children. May I suggest something else, pray an protection around your children. I believe whole heartedly in the power of prayer.

Take care. Remember Jesus is Lord. He came to the earth to seek and to save. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life. BELIEVE JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU. CONFESS the things you’ve done wrong. ACCEPT the gift. TELL SOMEONE you accepted Jesus as your Saviour. ATTEND a church that believes and teaches from the Bible.

My next blog is going to be on Tuesday, January 13 Great Recipes; Thursday, January 14, Humor Is The Best Medicine; Friday, January 15, Bible Scripture Food For The Soul and finally Sunday, January 17, my normal blog.  Take care. If you have a question I loved for you to comment. Perhaps you have some information you would like to share fill free to do so. Until then, God Bless You All. sle  


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