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In the news recently, two entirely different situations have hit the headlines and touched my heart. This involves medical advances and the ability to keep a body performing bodily functions except for its inability to produce a brain wave.

For me, I realize where I’d be without medical advances. I take a number of daily medications. Without them, I’d be dead. Yet, in 2008, my family, after a knee surgery, was told to say their “goodbyes” because I had reached a physical crisis where a person doesn’t return.  My kidneys were in shutdown, and I suffered from Congestive Heart Failure. However, God felt different about this, and He performed a miracle.

I was told by a doctor who examined me, “A person does not come back when they faced the type of problems you faced.” She continued, “How did you come back?” 

I looked up at her and gave her a smile. “The power of prayer.”

She nodded her head, “Aww, yes, this is the only reason you are alive.”

I‘m going to discuss briefly about Eric and Marlise Mundoz. Perhaps you read about her. How she suffered a collapse and died even though her husband performed CPR. However, the fetus continued to have a regular heartbeat.

According to what I read, Mr. Mundoz wants to end all life support. The hospital and medical authorities say “no.” He is afraid the child might after suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen and nutrients.

The fetus is now 18 weeks, and they can perform a C-section at 24-28 weeks producing according to what they say a viable birth.


Then there is Jahi McMath reported as brain dead after a tonsillectomy. However, her family insists she is not dead, and they are fighting all authorities to keep all life support going. They are praying for a miracle. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. 

My thoughts are I’m glad I don’t have to make these excoriating decisions. My heart goes out to them. What I can do is pray Jesus give them the wisdom they need to make the right decisions.

I wonder if you read this that after 92 days when a mother was declared brain dead after suffering a catastrophic stroke. Medical doctors delivered via C-section at the child’s 27th week, a viable baby.  All circulation and vital systems stopped. However, the baby at 18 weeks was alive and kicking.

The Hungarian authorities asked her partner and family if they wanted them to remove life support, the family chose to have all life support continued in order to save the child. After the birth of the child, all life support was stopped, and the woman’s body became an organ donor.   To me, this is what modern medicine can produce. On the other hand, God is in charge of life and death. It is recorded God knew us before we were born. Jer. 1:5


Yet, here is another story when Elayna Nigerelli’s collapsed and CPR was performed. A defibrillator started her heart while she lay on the school floor. It just so happened Jennifer Longoria, a school nurse performed this procedure. Prior to this, she worked in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The woman’s heart begins to beat faintly and stopped once again. The doctors decided to deliver an emergency C-section on the baby who was three weeks from delivery. The baby was delivered when the mother had no heartbeat. However, miraculously, Elayna’s heart began to beat. Her physicians discovered that she had a condition known as hypertrophy cardiomyopathy. A condition in which the heart muscles thicken. This results in the thicker muscles inability to deliver the blood from the heart which makes the heart work harder to pump blood as well as relax and fill with blood. The baby remains in NICU three weeks after her birth. She will have to undergo therapy, but the doctors expect a full recovery.


You see man might fool himself into thinking he can declare when a person is alive or not, but miracles happen all the time. However, do not misunderstand me, I am not declaring or supporting the decisions of either family. My job, I feel, is to report Jesus is able and is the author over life.

My husband taught me long ago, a miracle happens every day in our lives, we get up every morning to face the day with a smile I hope.

I’d love to hear your comments and talk about this with you all. Remember, Jesus lives. He died on the cross so all may come to the cross and have salvation and live. “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” 1 Corinthians 15:55. All one needs to do is REPENT, confess your sins. ASK Jesus to forgive you and come into your life. TELL someone. ATTEND a church that preaches from the Bible and believes it from the beginning to the end.  I would love, if you drop me a line, and tell me you accepted Christ as your personal Savior. Maybe you have some questions.  I’d love to discuss them with you.

There is something I learned today in church. You and I can each inhale and pray, “Abba,” (meaning Father, Daddy) then exhale and pray, “I belong to you.” What a wonderful way to travel through the day performing this thought.

My next blog will be on Tuesday, January 7, Recipe of the week; Thursday, January 9, Humor of the Week; Friday, January 10, Bible scripture of the week and then Sunday, January 12, my usual blog.


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