Hi all!

I thought I’d insert another Kid’s say the darndest things blog, again.

I’m going to add one myself. Let me see now about forty-one years ago plus, I was pregnant with my youngest child. My son, Jon who was four- years-old and I were sitting on the bus on the way to an appointment to see my obstetrician.

The whole bus was quiet with the sounds of the bus air brakes as bus driver stopped at the lights. Jon must have been thinking about this for quite some time. Of course, I let him feel the little baby moving around in me and told him soon he would have either a baby brother or sister. 

Jon looked up at me.  “Mommy?” 

I looked down at him and gave him a smile. “Yes, honey.”

“How’s the baby going to come out?  Out of your mouth?” He opened his mouth for greater emphasis.

All the people on the bus begin to laugh. I must have turned a thousand shades of red. I whisphered, “Jon, Mommy will explain to you when we get home.” I did when we arrived home as much as he would understand at that time.

As we left the bus, the bus driver said to my son, “Good luck to you on becoming a big brother,” as he patted him on his head.

“Thank you,” I said as we departed.

Here are some cute questions asked to a group of children by Bill Crosby when he had his program, “Kids say the darndest things.”

1. “Who was George Washington’s wife?”

“Miss America.” A little boy answered.

2. “Should a man be with an older or a younger woman?”

A very astute little guy replied. “That’s why I gotta get the older ones, ’cause they’re more mature and they got money and stuff.”

3. “What happens to a cut when it heals?” “Another little four-year-old boy answered. It goes down here  in your blood…then it’ll go into another country.”

4. “What’s the best way to eat a hot dog?” “A dainty, little girl replied, “I use a fork and cut it so I don’t get choked then I put it on the chili and then I eat it.”

5. “Who makes the chili?” “The cooker man.”  The same little girl replied.

6. “What’s the most important thing a young lady should remember when she goes on national television?” A little, dark haired beauty with glasses said, “To Keep  my legs crossed.”

7. “What’s the story of Adam and Eve?” Another child replied, “One time there was God and God made Adam out of dust. And He put Adam to sleep and made Eve out of a rare rib.”

8. “What ever happened to Adam and Eve?” The child continued, “God sent them to Hell and then transferred them to Los Angeles.”

9. “What’s Heaven like?”  One of the other children answered, “Golden Diamonds.”

10. “What does a movie star actually do?” One of the other girls giggled and answered, “They go to studios and do some stuff…they have a movie star breakfast…a movie start lunch…then it goes to bed with another movie star.” (Oh My)

11. “What do we learn from the story of Jesus turning water into wine?” The little boy thought for a moment and retorted, “The more wine we get the better the wedding is.” 

12. “When God punished Eve, what did he make her become?” A little girl replied quickly, “A housewife.”

13. “What are the qualities of a woman’s ideal man?”  One of the little girls thought for a a minute in deep concentration and then answered,  “A man that has a lot of money, lots of money, loves horses, will let you have 22 kids and doesn’t put up a fight.” (I have a feeling, she’s going to rule the roost.) 

I hope one of these comments or all gave you something to laugh or smile about as you go about the rest of the week and into next week. I’d love to read a cute statement your child or someone else’s child made.  Drop me a comment. Better yet, tap away on the keyboard a comment. Take care.

Remember Jesus Saves. In case you do not have Jesus in your heart, He GAVE of himself freely by dieing on the cross for all of mankind, so we can have our sins forgiven. So we may have eternal life. ACCEPT the gift. TELL someone and FIND a church that preaches from the Bible. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him Shall not perish but have eternal life.

My next blog will be on Sunday, January 5. God Bless you all. sle  



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