Hi everyone!

I give up! I’m not gonna serve Pork and Sauerkraut. No siree bob!  For over thirty plus years, I served this main dish because my ex mother-in-law did this. Her family was German, but my primary family wasn’t. I think I did it to please her. Maybe get the “Look at what my daughter-in-law does.”  Also, my children are part German, so they ate it on New Year’s Day.

All of this pork eaten and sauerkraut consumed didn’t happen to bring us prosperity. My present husband faced company closure about six times with lay offs blurring and amounting to numbers of times. Each year I faithfully served this dish.  This year a change is acommin’.  Oh yes, this frugal cook is going to be at work on New Year’s Day.

I’m having fried rice, ham and eggs and corn tortillas. Now you ask me what kind of luck is this going to bring? Well, let me see from what I found is rice eaten is suppose to bring good luck. Ham or pork believed by people in Cuba, Spain, Hungary and Austria symbolizes progress.  These animals never move backwards. While they are eating, they push their snouts forward. Did you know this? I didn’t.

Eggs are supposed to provide fertility. On second thought, I don’t need any more children. In fact, they’re all grown. Instead of becoming excited, I think I would cry a bucket full. Oh yes, God does have a sense of humor. Gee, I couldn’t even keep after the baby when it crawled let alone ran! However, I know there ain’t no chance of this, so we are having scrambled eggs.

Here is a recipe of FRIED RICE, HAM AND EGGS

To cook the rice our measurements are two cups of water to one cup of rice. So, if you want more double or triple it go right ahead.

Boil the water. I like to add butter into my rice, but you don’t have to. I add a little salt to the water. Add the rice to the boiling water. (Some people wash their rice to reduce the starch. I don’t.) The simpler the better.  Stir the rice in the water.

Turn down immediately the heat and cover the pot. Cook for twenty minutes. I found with gas, I have to keep an eye on it. Gas seems to heat faster and cool faster. Make sure the water is simmering a little. Twenty minutes later, voila, the rice is done.  Set the rice off the burner and stir it with a fork to fluff it up.

IN THE MEANTIME while the rice is cooking

Cut up the amount of ham you might want into cubes. We’ve sometimes buy the precooked ham slice in the grocery store, but I’m using some of the leftover ham from Christmas, I placed in the freezer. Fry the ham in any type of oil.

Cut up some onions-the amount you like to eat. Sautee them with the ham. Saves a little time.

Set them both aside in dishes or bowels.  Now break six or seven eggs into a bowl (for two or more people or as many eggs as desired) and whisk them. Then place them into a clean, frying pan along with a little butter or oil and cook.  Keep stirring until the eggs are scrambled and cooked. Add salt to taste. Some people add pepper, but we don’t.

Now take the cooked rice and place into a clean, frying pan with hot oil and begin frying. I like to try to get it crispy and have it a little brown. When the rice is fried, add the ham, onions, and eggs. Warm them. There you have it. Here is a little tidbit. Place the end of your wooden spoon in the oil. When the oil is hot, it will bubble around the end of the wooden spoon. Works every time.

Warm up some Corn Tortillas. Even baking power biscuits is good with it or Pillsbury biscuits. Here’s a suggestion you can make corn bread which is suppose to resemble nuggets of gold. I’m thinking anything corn. In this case, corn tortillas will resemble nuggets of gold. YIPPEEE!

Later, I’ll pop the day off with some Pickle Herring. The silvery color resembles coins, a good omen for future fortune. The eating of herring is found in Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. After all I am half Norwegian. Oh, my goodness, my husband and I are going to be rolling in money! Whoops, I better remember money is the root to all evil for many of us.

Later for dessert will have cuties. Again their shape looks like a coin. This eating of a rounded fruit for good luck is practiced in the Philippines and the United States.    

Now if this doesn’t do it then I don’t know what will. I’m kidding. I don’t believe in luck. God directs my path. My trust lies in Him and not over some food I eat.

I’m posting today because tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and is our anniversary. We are soon going to be married thirty-eight years. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S TO ALL OF YOU.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MY LOVE. I hope we have at least another ten or fifteen years more of celebrated anniversaries. Bless you all.

Don’t forget if you do not know Jesus, BELIEVE Jesus is Lord, and He came to earth so all may be saved. He died on the cross and rose again. He is a living God. CONFESS your sins-those things you’ve done wrong. ACCEPT the gift of salvation. TELL someone. FIND a church that teaches and uses the Bible.

My next blog will be on January 2, Thursday Humor of the Week; January 3, Friday Scripture of the Week and then my usual blog on Sunday, January 5.  Take care. If you have any questions or comments drop me a line. I’d love to answer them or comment. Take care. sle



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