Since this Sunday is my last blog before Christmas, I decided to touch on gifts of love and kindness I’ve received from people down through the years, and in the present.

Many years ago, I think maybe we were married seven or eight years. I separated from my second husband, (Don’t be alarmed it was only for a short time.) I took my children, and we traveled to my home state,Washington State where my parents lived. We stayed in a little camper owned by my parents.  I found a job almost immediately, but waiting on the paycheck seemed an eternity. At this time, I smoked. 

My neighbors, who were also staying in a camper parked next to us , introduced themselves to me. I found out she liked sugar in her coffee, and she could not afford to buy any. She, in turn, found out I smoked, and I could not afford to buy them because my children needed to eat. 

Every morning, I would give her sugar for her coffee and in exchange she gave me cigarettes for the day.  For a smoker, this was a wonderful gift.

The husband of the lady who lived next store to us, also, when I decided to go back to my husband because I decided I really loved him, checked out my car from inside and out from end to end to make sure I wasn’t going to face any car problems. Of course, he did not charge me. Another gift of care and friendship.

Another time is when my husband and I were going to move into an townhouse with our younger children, and we had to wait until the first of the month. His friends, Gary and Barbara offered  us a place to stay. We actually asked them if we could shower there, and we’d stay inside our camper. But, they insisted we stay with them. Their kindness they displayed was beautiful. 

Recently, our friends, John and Susie, knew we were short on money this Christmas because of medical expenses and  car repairs, treated us to two Christmas events. One was to a Christmas concert, and the other was to take us to Stephen Foster National Park of Christmas Festival Of Lights.

Their treat and their car. On top of this, they gave  my husband and I a Christmas gift. Truly, their love of friendship and the Christmas spirit blessed our hearts.  

Another friend,  Barbara, whom you heard mention by me before in my blog, told me she’d pay for our gas to come to her house for Christmas. She said Christmas wasn’t Christmas without sharing.

This came from a lady on a fixed income wanting to share with us. Again, the beauty of good friendship and sweetness is a privilege to have her as our friend.

Now our granddaughter has offered to pick us up and drive two and a half hours to their house to either stay over at their house on the 25th and celebrate Christmas with the whole family on the 26th or she would drive us four ways back and forth to Apopka and home again.

How fortunate we are to have a loving, caring granddaughter. Thank you Amber for being such a wonderful person. Thank you for your love and your care. We love you!

These are only a few examples of the kindness and gifts of love given to us by acquaintances, friends, and family. So to you my followers and readers, MERRY CHRISTMAS. God bless you . May the spirit of Christmas not only exist in your hearts on Christmas Day but all year long.

Remember Jesus loves you and gave of Himself so all might have eternal life. BELIEVE He came to earth  as a baby. He chose to do this.  BELIEVE He died on the cross for your sins. CONFESS with your mouth your wrongs. ACCEPT the Gift. Every and any day can be Christmas. TELL someone. FIND a church of believers that preaches and believe in the whole Bible.

My next blog is going to be on  Monday,  December  23,  Christmas Recipe: Tuesday, December 24, Humor; December 27, Scripture and on Sunday, December  29, my usual blog. Take care everyone. John 3:16  “For God so love the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have ever lasting life.”   

What about you have you experienced acts of kindness by strangers, friends or family? I loved to read about it. If you have any quetions, please ask. sle


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