The Christmas season is fast approaching a close again. No matter the number of Christmases I’ve experienced, I never get tired of hearing the beautiful melodies ringing the truth of Jesus’ birth. I never get tired of viewing the many nativity scenes be they alive or in at churches or at someone’s home. I never get tired of seeing decorated Christmas trees or looking at my tree without the decorations and the balls, but the lights shine brightly. I love this aspect of Christmas. I never get tired of saying, “Merry Christmas,” though some people now days choke a reply back.

Yet, there are many dark forces at work wanting to snuff the flame of Christmas. What is Christmas without Christ?

One atheist group in response to the Nativity scene being displayed erected its own display, “A Happy Winter Solstice” in Tallahassee, Florida.

But Whittenberger said his group has nothing against a Supreme Deity.

“Most of our members are non-religious, atheists or agnostics,” he said. “They would not say they hate God. It would be like saying they hate unicorns, because unicorns do not exist.” December 7, 2013. Yet within each of our souls is an inbred knowledge of God’s existence no matter the number of times, they shake their heads and cry, “No!”


Again at the capital in the rotunda in Wisconsin in response to a religious nativity scene, on the second floor sits “Winter Solstice Nativity.” Charles Dickens, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain are portrayed as the three wise men. The Statue of Liberty and an astronaut are the angels, and an African American baby doll that represents their belief humankind was birthed in Africa is in the place of baby Jesus. Where silver, Festivus pole replica of Seinfeld used in his programs stands between the two scenes. This too me is not humorous, but debasing the meaning of Christmas like the government calling a cross sitting in urine as art. How dare they!


December 8, 2013

The Freedom from Religious Foundation lost their fight against a small town in Chipley, Florida consisting of 3,700 people who fought against a lion representing money, power and hatred of Christianity to pull down their nativity scene down. Even this is a small battle won. It is a small step to defeat the people in their attempt to surge forward to rid this country of anything Christian.

December 13, 2013  https://familycouncil.org/?p9485


From my research since 2001, there has been a push to silence the story of Jesus. Yet, what these different organizations substitute doesn’t provide the same feelings that the Nativity scene does. Another idea occurred to me is maybe these groups, these people, and certainly Satan knows time is short because Jesus is coming soon.

What are your feelings about the attempt to force the celebration of the Nativity scene in the public to come to a closure?

In one of the businesses here in Lake City, the beauticians are told they can not utter the word “Merry Christmas” by their manager. I guess they can say, “Happy Holidays.” Many towns and cities have wrestled with the argument of calling their tree that sat in the town square, a Christmas tree or a Holiday Tree. I, again, think this is ridiculous. For over 200 years, we have referred to the trees we put up at Christmas as Christmas trees. Why change now?

My husband produces the argument of how they write their year? Could it be 2013? This signifying as you know that it was two thousand and thirteen years ago, Christ died and rose again.

I question their fear and their obstinacy. What are they afraid of? Can they not read historical documents which point to the crucifix of Jesus? Another thing, I find is people like to look at the Nativity scenes, but do they really believe in what the scene signifies?  I know I was one of them at one time.

Because Jesus lives in my heart, whether it is in December or April, it doesn’t matter to me. The idea is He lived on earth. He lives and Hallelujah He’s coming again some day. Would these people really be upset if the Nativity Scene was a crime to have or display? I wonder if some of these people would really miss it.

I can remember looking at the Christmas story as a small child, the wonder of it all. The magic of it all. Thank goodness, I didn’t have to face the conflicting messages given to children, today. May I please make a plea to you parents; tell your children the Christmas story. Discuss it. Ask them questions, so they understand to the best of their ability about His birth.

Thank God we have the Bible. Who knows their might be a day like in Soviet Russia long ago to have a Bible verse in one’s possession was a crime which sent the person to the labor camps.

I hope I gave you something to think about. Fight for the right to worship. Fight for the right to display our Nativity scenes and tell the story of Jesus.

Take care. Remember Jesus Lives. Merry Christmas. If you don’t know the Lord, realize Jesus loves you and wants to share your life with you. John 3:16 For God so love the world that He gave his only forgotten Son that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. Believe Christ died and rose again. Confess your sins-the things you’ve done wrong. Accept the gift. Tell someone. Find a church who believes in the Lord and practices the Bible that you can attend.   I’ll post on Tuesday, December 17 a recipe for the week; December 19, a joke of the week to keep smiling through what can be a stressful time; December 20, The Biblical Christmas story which date is my youngest daughter’s birthday and then my usual blog on December 22. Take care. sle



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