Hi everyone!

Well, Christmas is fast approaching. For some of us facing the uncertainty of the future: loss of jobs, sign up for Obama Care Act (excuse me, Affordable Care Act), and the government which seems to be compared to swarming bees buzzing and getting nothing done!  It’s difficult to maintain the Christmas spirit.

For some of us, Christmas can bring sadness especially for those of us who can’t spend time with our family or love ones. For some of us, strapped by finances, this is a hard time because the wallet is small, but the heart is big. No matter what others may say, and I’ve heard plenty of them. We parents wanted and tried to, want to get the best for our children we can possibly afford.  Did I include grandparents? So, a little bit of joviality is needed to make us smile and remember the reason for the season. Last night PBS, broadcasted a beautiful, Christmas program, and the message of Jesus rang out while both my husband and I sang or hummed along with the Christmas songs of old. This helped for the Christmas spirit to exist for that time in our home. 

We are financially broke this Christmas because of medical expenses and because a car broke down which emptied out the bank account saved for Christmas presents for our family especially our grandchildren plus two birthdays. When I read this antidote to my husband, laughter erupted and the effect produced lightness in our day.


And so it came to pass a long, long, very long time ago — maybe 100 or even 300 years ago, according to the experts in first grade at Holy Family Regional Catholic School — Jesus was born in a stable with some cows and a sheep …

They’re our guardian angels,” Jairus said.

We humans can’t see these angels “because they’re in heaven, and we’re not in heaven yet,” William said.

“But they fly down,” Hannah said.

After the birth, the baby had more visitors, they said.

“Then guys with camels, saviors, came to see the Baby Jesus,” Jairus said.

“So they could visit and see what Baby Jesus looked like,” William said.

“And to give him presents,” Anthony said.

“Bread and wine,” Carson said.

“And a leaf,” Hannah said.

“I only know, like, one gift,” Tom said. “They gave him gold.”

“The Three Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus, so that’s why Santa Claus brings us gifts and toys,” Emily said. “And Santa Claus comes every Christmas — comes down your chimney, or your air vent if you don’t have one.”

“Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, I think,” Seth said.

But Christmas isn’t just about what gifts they’re hoping for, which include a telephone for Emily, who lost her other one, a portable game system for Thomas, and a bicycle for Seth. The children were part of a school-wide campaign to raise money to buy gifts and to donate food for hungry families through the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry.

“We already have, um, $183,” Seth said. “That’s going to buy two bikes. Or nine. Or it will be enough money to buy a house.”

And the children bring food donations for the pantry all year long.

“For the poor,” Emily said.

“So they don’t have to look for food,” Thomas said.

This antidote was posted on December 23, 2008. I hope this brought a little smile and a few laughs.


Many years ago, in the northwest where snow or rain falls in December, the church my family attended, decided to have a manger scene for the congregation.  Hmm, no about six decades ago, (Gosh I’m getting old!). The different characters of the Nativity scene were dressed in their various garbs their parents lovingly made for this skit. Mary truly looked saintly with her baby. (Not a real baby, though.) There weren’t any donkeys or cattle to be found. The shepherds walked in and said their parts as they held their homemade staffs while the wise men brought forth their gifts. Of course, they weren’t riding any camels. 

However their was an oddity in this scene. My brother played the role of Joseph. He was five-years-old at the time.  He threw a connipton fit because the women who directed the skit wanted him to take off his rubber boots. My brother refused because my mother told him he couldn’t remove his galoshes for any reason.  He was determined to mind my mother.

Joseph now wore rubber boots as he stood by Marry and recited his piece which brought plenty of laughter to those observing this drama. This memory down through the years has brought many a laugh and a smile.  

To my brother, David, I love you and yes, I’ll never forget. Merry Christmas.

Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. He chose to come to earth, so we all could be saved. What a wonderful gift He gives us. If you don’t know the Lord, Believe, He died on the cross and rose again for all of us, so we can have eternal life. Confess your sins (those things you’ve done wrong). Accept the gift. Tell someone.  Remember John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.

I’ll post the continuation of the Bible story of the Nativity Scene, tomorrow, December 13 and on Sunday, December 15 I’ll post my normal blog. God bless you all and Merry Christmas. sle



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