Good Sunday to all of you my friends and followers. As I told you, this Sunday’s blog was going to be different. I wanted to let you know the reason for my focusing on the themes I do every Sunday.

CHANGE-My earlier blogs covered emotions experienced by women as they travel through life. I decided on a new plan of action.

RESEARCH-I began to research the various issues brought to my attention. These issues astonished me. I couldn’t believe the extent of the evil in this country and in this world. I couldn’t believe the devious actions of some church leaders and of course our political leaders.

EASE-To focus on a blog which strictly focused on recipes. I know I would have found it easier and certainly not as alarming. Certainly, I would not have found it as scary.

BELIEVED-I believed like Noah I must become a beacon light and direct a beam on these horrible issues which are eating away at the fiber of our society, nationally and in the world.  Oh please, do not get me wrong, I do not by any means compare myself to the man Noah was. I am a Christian woman meaning I believe in the Creator, Lord Jesus and know the Bible is true without a shadow of a doubt. 

What brought my attention to some of these issues is when I followed the blog, “Sharia unveiled.” He reflects in his hundreds, yes, I said hundreds of videos the action of Muslims all around the world and in this country as well. Along the way, as I posted my various blogs, I was called a racist. My own family complained when I pointed a finger against the Muslims and their agenda. My own family rolled their eyes when I reported Obama’s evil intentions for this country. To change this country as he said into a different country. This is the only thing as of right now that is Obama’s so called transparency. I’m not sure those who possessed brains to think with would have voted to have their nation become a socialistic/communist country, if they knew. I’m not sure if those who voted for him would have realized the change in status of our country to eliminate the middle class. Thereby, United States will become a two class society-the very rich who are growing wealthier every day and the middle class now finding themselves squeezed. We would result in a two class society:  the very rich and the very poor, who will depend on the government for their lives.  

Many years ago, a woman I worked with escaped the Iron Curtain that they called the USSR. She worked as a registered nurse. She told me she had to work for one month to buy a sweater. Not a fancy sweater, a regular sweater. I thought, boy this is terrible. Yet, this very well can happen to our country. I’m afraid this is the plans of our leaders. 

WHY? Politics were for other people, I thought. Yes, I voted. Yes, I demonstrated against abortions and helped form a national chain. Yes, I demonstrated in support of our troops and gave blood after 9/11, but this is it.  The metamorphosis occurred after realizing how much change was occurring in my country, and the way this change would affect my children and generations to come.  So, I researched Pedophilia, Muslims and their agenda, the new religion and the leaders of Chrislam, Common Core and so many others. I have plans to expose so many issues which are going to affect us, Christians, the country’s citizens and the world’s people.


As Noah warned the people of his day, and God telling him a flood was coming and water would flood the whole world. People scoffed at him. My aim is to let you know the diabolical actions of these people in power. I use links to support the facts and even supply many times more links in case one is interested to know more. I spend hours sifting through the hundreds of facts to give you what I think is reliable information. There are many issues I have plans to cover as long as I’m allowed to report it as long as Free Speech is allowed in this country. Yet, I know I have like Noah many scoffers.

I become downhearted when I receive no comments on the various issues I report.  Perhaps, I should not take offense to this. I would imagine if people didn’t like what they read than they would issue a complaint.

Noah boarded the ark with family members along with two of every kind of animal as God told him to do so. The rains came and flooded the land. This is the bee sting I’m referring to-these issues. Are you prepared to be herded into NATO camps? Are you prepared to see your children bowing down when call to worship occurs for the nation to bow toward the East? This is intent of the Muslims. You say it can’t happen. Look at Sharia unveiled blog on WordPress and listen as the Muslims occupy the sidewalk of Manhattan, New York. What a scary thing you say. I shake with fear. So my call to you all is to BEWARE of those who wish to destroy this nation. STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS!


The honey is the knowledge that nothing happens without God’s approval. He let’s things happen to wake us up. The honey is Jesus loves us. Though things around us may lead to the destruction of this nation as we know it, it is written.



1. Cling to Him my friends.

2.  If you find yourself able to make some changes, make a bold step.       

3.  Research the issues I present and others.

4.  Tell others.

5.  Demonstrate against those things which are wrong such as abortions.      

6.  Research the candidates running for office. Do they support your belief system?

7.  Vote wisely on the issues of the day. Don’t let emotions lead you to vote wrongly, but know and understand the various issues. Common Core was not elected into our system. This was a United Nation and federal event. Affordable Care Act was not voted in by us. DON’T LET FREEDOM SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS LIKE THE CITIZENS LONG AGO IN GERMANY  DID. BECAUSE HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITS’ SELF!


My next blog will be on Tuesday, December 10, a scrumptious recipe mommas and papas can make if they so desire, but loved and consumed by the mouthful by all. The next blog after this will be Jokes to make us laugh especially in this crazy, emotional time of the year on Thursday, December 11, and on December 12, Friday, scripture of the week. Then my normal blog on December 14, Sunday. Can you believe that in ten more days we will celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, the Son of God?

Take care, Remember Jesus Loves you. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son whosoever believes in Him shall not perish. BELIEVE. FALL on your knees and CONFESS your sins. ACCEPT the gift and TELL someone. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!  sle  I’d loved to hear from you. Please drop me a line or two. We can discuss whatever you want to.






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