I found this on the Internet. This is a fun recipe to do with our children or grandchildren for Thanksgiving.

To me, this is what Thanksgiving is all about is sharing fun times with the family. We live a distance away from my grandchildren. If they were here, I know we’d be making these simple cookies. Many  of the comments that were made by the Mothers, who made these cookies, were they sent the cookies to their children’s pre-school classes or Kindergarten classes. I’d take them for the children if you are going some place for Thanksgiving or make it for the children coming over for Thanksgiving at your home.

Have fun making new experiences with your child or children. Their good eating, too. I guess, I’m an old kid at heart, J I’d love to hear what you think or maybe you have a recipe you can share with me or all of us. Let me know how they turned out. Share with me some pictures and the times you spent with your children. Do you have any other Thanksgiving recipes, you might want to share with the rest of us?





Can be made up to three days ahead and stored in an airtight container at room temperature

Can be made up to three days ahead and stored in an airtight container at room temperature

16 chocolate wafer cookies (such as Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers)

1 (4 1/4 ounce) container orange frosting, tube with piping tips (Can buy Betty Crocker be careful not to get the gel frosting)

16 miniature peanut butter cups



1. Place cookies on work surface; squeeze a dime size dot of frosting in the center of each cookie. (Why not have your child place the cookies on a plate or cookie sheet. Whoops be careful did I see someone bit a piece of the cookie? LOL)

2. Unwrap and invert peanut butter cups on frosting, press down gently. (Of course your little one can help with this. Yup, better tasting when the candy bar is claimed by the melting of chocolate on their little fingers. This is making me hungry.)

3. Let dry overnight or at least 10 – 15 minutes until frosting is set. If drying overnight please store in an airtight container so the cookies do not get soggy. (Tupperware containers wok really good for this or whatever you have that’s going to work.)

4. Using round piping tip or writing tip, (if you don’t have tips you can make your own frosting, put it in a ziplock sandwich bag and just cut the corner of the bag) pipe a hat band (single line) with frosting around the peanut butter cup and a square buckle in the front. (You can buy the tips in the store in the baking section.)

5. Let frosting set before storing.

I suggest have this high and unreachable. I remember when I baked cakes and pies when my children scooped all the frosting off without me knowing it and on another occasion, they eat all the filler inside the pie. I can smile at this, now, but I was not too pleased when I found this. I had left each of the desserts sitting on the kitchen counter. I don’t remember where I was at the time. Maybe I was on the other side of the house, cleaning or performing the 100 million things mother’s perform everyday.

Be blessed and enjoy the children God gave to you. Thank God for them.  I’ll be posting a blog on Thursday, November 21 Joke day; Friday, November 22, Scriptures for Women; Sunday, November 24 The usual blog. Take care. God bless you. SLE








  1. Enjoy this time with your kids, most times I have no one to bake with. This is a very nostalgic time of year. Celebrating what you are thankful for and causing nostalgic moments to rise up out of the depths of your mind and heart. Encourage your children to verbalize what they are thankful for and have them listen to you and other adults as you go around the table and voice your thankfulness. Thanks for a lovely blog!

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