Since 2009, an ever-increasing onslaught on Christians has occurred in the workforce and elsewhere. You might consider this as a snowball effect. As the snow ball travels down hill, it takes not only religious rights away from the American citizens, but takes with it victims whose constitutional rights were and are removed.

Within the last week, I read about two, bus drivers who were fired for there religious beliefs. Mr. George Nathaniel, pastor of Elite Church of First Born and Grace Missionary Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and also school bus driver was fired because he sang Christian  songs with the grade school children, and he’d prayed with each child on his bus, if they wanted too, before they went to school every day. He said this helped the child to start out the day in a positive light. He had been a bus driver for two years without any complaints.

One comment made stated, “Can we say a child is abused because they are forced to read about religions and views, including evolution, the Big Bang Theory, Muslims, Buddhism, Scientology, etc. because it’s part of the school’s curriculum regardless of the child’s (family’s) religion?”

Another bus driver, Stan MacNeil lost his job for praying for a disabled student at Rutgers University, a New Jersey state college. The students at the school have through social media collected over 4000 electronic signatures to reinstate Mr. McNeil back as a bus driver. So far, he has not been offered his old job back.

The question comes as stated on Fox News and are my sentiments as well, what about the bus driver- driving drunk? What about the pedophile who’s with your child on the way to school? What about the bus driver who refuses to interfere when a child is beat up by thugs on the bus? For me, I’d rather have a praying, Bible thumping person who believes Jesus is his Lord and his Savior, than the type of  bus drivers as mentioned above.

  1. In 2013, a Christian organization in Lake City, Florida that provided food to the poor received a cease or desist statement from a state agriculture agent to remove The Twelve Commandments they had hanging in their business, to take down the pictures of Christ, to take down a banner, which said, “Jesus is Lord.”  This organization began 31 years ago and received USDA food from the government. A spokes person for the business told the agent take the food. After all, Jesus fed 5000 people with five loafs of bread and two fish. This was against their religious rights.

2. Franklin Graham President of Billy Graham Evangelist underwent an IRS inquiry in their 2010 taxes. Franklin Graham stated they had to use money donated to them to pay off lawyers to answer the government inquires. Of course, the government didn’t pay the group back for the expenditures used to obtain attorneys.

3. A pair of Christians in 2011 were reading their Bible aloud outside the Department of Motor Vehicles in Hemet, CA and they were slapped with a misdemeanor and put into jail.  In August, 2013, these two men found some sort of satisfaction when the Superior Court Judge Timothy Freer found this act unconstitutional. But what about compensation for psychological stress they had in jail? What about compensations for monies lost? None of this was received.

4. In Colorado, a pair of bakers refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because of their religious beliefs. They found to their surprise, this was against the law in their state, and they were thrown into jail. The question I have is why the gay couple didn’t go elsewhere? Why didn’t this pair respect the bakers religious beliefs? Why make a big stink about it? Was it not the right of the bakers to refuse? They had their religious constitutional rights removed. So now because of Affirmative rights, will a minister who refuses to marry a gay couple than he too could be put into prison as well?  This is against their constitutional religious rights.

5. My list continues. American Humanist Association is threatening to take action against schools who participate in the Operation Child Program sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, an organization founded by Billy Graham.

Thousands of gifts for improvised children receive Christmas gifts. Again, this is according to the anti-Christian Association against the violation of the first Amendment. Now tell this to the children who could have, would have received gifts. Hmm, I wonder if the group in lieu of their preventing the giving of gifts gathered money to support a poor child in an impoverished home. I researched to determine if this organization ever gives to the poor and could find no information. They based their beliefs on fear of Chrsitians apostatizing in the schools. This is only a small list of page after page of discriminatory actions taken aganist Christians.

I can remember long ago one of  my bosses ordering we nurses we couldn’t wear a necklace  with a cross on it or earrings with crosses. I disregarded her attempt to control me and impose her non-religious values on me. I wore my cross.  I’m glad no one told me I couldn’t pray with a person in pain or scared of dying. I can remember holding the hand of many of a patient and praying with them. Peace and serenity came to their being.

This country has slipped so far, I’m not sure if we can turn the hands back to a place where 70% of people attended church as in the 60’s. Where children in the 50’s attended Bible groups in a mobile trailer and listened to Bible stories and sang songs at school. Where Christmas music was sung by schoolchildren at Christmas time. Political correct is not the answer.

I will tell you I love to see the Salvation Army people standing by their pots collecting money for the poor as they ring their bells at Christmas.  This is the season. Jesus is the reason for the season. I’m glad to be able to call the little baby who laid in a manger my Lord and Savior.  He offers a gift to all who want to accept Him. This is eternal life. This is salvation.  Remember John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son to whosoever believes in Him should  not perish but have ever lasting life.”

God bless you all and may He have mercy on this once great nation. My next blog is going to be on November 19, Tuesday Recipe day; November 20 Wednesday, Joke Day;  November 22, Friday, Bible Verse Day and November 24. Sunday, my regular blog.  I’d love to hear your comments on what I’ve posted or if you have any questions, I’d love to try to answer you. Take care. SLE





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