i told you before, I’d post a joke and i I almost forgot. Sorry folks.

Here is the joke for the day.

All the passengers are seated on a plane out on the tarmac and the stewardess announces, “we’re just waiting for the pilots.”. The passengers look out the window and see two men, dressed as pilots walking towards the plane. Both men are using guide dogs and appear to be blind. There are murmurs among the passengers, and some believe it is a joke. The men board the plane and go into the cockpit. More concerned murmurs and uneasy chuckles from the passengers. The plane taxis normally to the runway and begins it’s takeoff. As passengers look out the window they realize they are nearing the end of the runway. The entire passenger cabin begins screaming but the plane lifts off just before the end of the runway. The passengers calm down and chuckle to themselves. In the cockpit, the pilot turns to his copilot and says “You know, one day those people are gonna scream too late and we’re all gonna die!” 

Have a great week. I’ll post on Sunday as usual. 

Take care. God Bless you. 



  1. Well, when things do not appear as they should…question immediately…without fooling your self into denial. Just like todays world…a lot of people are good at convincing you that everything is OK—– while everything is being ripped out from under you !! Will you KNOW when it is time to SCREAM ??…I wonder…………………………………………Good joke, thanks!

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