How many of you have been touched by an angel? I thought with this blog since I’ve written about serious subjects, I’d write about being touched by an angel.

Yes, I did borrow the title of the program and made it my title of my blog. I loved the show. My children and husband, and I would gather around the TV in our front room in Colorado to watch Della Reese who was an angel and so was Roma Dowrey, Monica, played by Roma Dowrey, would approach an individual or a family and an aura would appear. She relayed the message God wanted them to understand. We’d stare at the tube, cheering for possibly a change in the heart‘s of these people. Then, Andrew, the angel of death would appear in front of a person. I’d whimper “Oh no, not the angel of death. He’s going to die.” I’d have to run and fetch a Kleenex to blow my nose and wipe my eyes. Did any of you watch it?

Two of God’s angels the Bible discusses that help humans are Gabriel, the champion of who is one of the archangels. His duties are to act as a messenger for God.  Gabriel announced the birth of John Baptist and Jesus.

The other angle is called Michael. His name means “Who is like God.” He also is one of the three archangels. He is in my eyes like a five-star general who leads the battles.  In Jude 19, Michael is described as fighting Lucifer where Michael is going to win and throw Satan into the Lake of Burning Sulfur. Satan will find himself locked here for all of eternity.

There are three kinds of angels: guardian angels, warrior angels and messenger angels. By the way I hope you picture these angels as not being the fluttering kind that sit on clouds with feathery wings.  They don’t carry bows and arrows like Cupid either. Nor are they dead people. Sorry, you’re love one did not become an angel. The angels are created as separate beings like we humans are.

Angels can come in the form of people. They have been known to come out of nowhere and help stranded motorists. Here is a personal story. My husband and I were traveling through a snow, ice encrusted road in Colorado. My husband drove across a bridge on the interstate. He had to step on the brakes because a person in front of him slowed down which is a no-no in the ice.  One should tap the brakes only.

In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves traveling end over end and landed upside down on the side of the road in a snowbank.  After checking to see if all body parts were in one piece and not inured which they weren’t, I began to worry about the car catching on fire. You know like in the movies or on TV when one sees the gasoline dripping in a car lying upside down, and soon a spark occurs and the car ignites. We managed to unlock the seatbelts which was a feat in itself and both of us attempted to open our passenger doors, but no budge.

I began to pray. “Oh God, Oh Jesus. Help us.” No cars sped past us which was unusual because it was a Saturday morning. However, a man came running down the slight embankment and stood in front of my husband’s door. He pulled the collapsed snow-laden door open.  We both said “Thank you. Thank you.” I could have uttered, “God bless you,” too.  As we inched out the car and finally stood on solid ground. He was gone. Vanished. Both my husband and I feel this man was an angel. God heard and answered our prayers, and he sent his messenger to help us in the time of need.     

Angels have carried a lost child out of woods to safety and then disappeared. They also can protect us.     

Another time I feel I was touched by an angel. My marriage was falling apart. My children were not with us at the time. My husband, who promised me when we moved from California to Colorado to not drink, was drunk once again. The hopes and dreams of our relationship growing and changing was dashed. I saw no hope. My heart was breaking. I knew no one because we were only in Colorado for maybe a month. I sat down in the bedroom wailing. I don’t remember if I prayed to Jesus that evening.

Suddenly, I felt invisible arms surround me and hold me. I never knew so much peace, comfort and love. I didn’t want to move. I never felt so secure in my whole life. I thought, if I keep my eyes closed, don’t look, be still then maybe those arms will not go away. Gradually, the hug dissipated like the fog when the sun comes out.

You may call this whatever you may wish, but I know what this was. Once again, this was one of God’s angels. Have I ever experienced a time like this since you ask? The answer is no. I’ve faced many traumatic events in my life. I guess I consider my self most fortunate to have a little taste of what heaven is going to be like. By the way, my husband now has 27 years sobriety.

I could go on and on. In fact, there is a blog about people who’ve faced grave danger, and an angel would appear. There is a story about people who had dying love ones, and angels appeared.

One example is where a woman’s love one was dying. As she sat by his bedside, she witnessed a faint image of the person who was lying in the bed, sit up and move across the bed. Scoot over the end of it, and he said to her as he did so, “I have to go now. Jesus is calling me.” She watched as the man met the angel standing in the doorway. He turned gave a smile and disappeared. The person lying on the bed died at the same time this action took place.

I don’t care if there are scoffers out there. Jesus experienced people who even after witnessing a miracle would not believe He was the Son of God. They said he’s the devil. He has magic. I don’t understand why it is so easy for us to go to darkness as human beings than accept the light. Jesus is declared as the light of the world in the mist of darkness.

What about you do you have an experience where you either saw or were touched by an angel? I’d love for you to share with me.

Thank you for reading my blog. Remember Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. God bless you. May God have mercy on this once great nation. 

I’m going to do something a little different this week. On Wednesday, October 30,  hump day, I’m going to post a humorous joke. We’ll call it levity day. On Sunday, November 3, I’ll post ny normal blog. 

I’m going to do something a little different this week. On Wednesday, October 30,  hump day, I’m going to post a humorous joke. We’ll call it levity day. On Sunday, November 3, I’ll post ny normal blog.




2 thoughts on “TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL

  1. Nicely done! Many may have experienced this same happening…..but have hardened themselves so much, they wouldn’t acknowledge it, even if they did have the experience…….I have had several experiences that took my breathe away…….I was very despondent, years ago, angry and depressed….I did the wrong thing by taking an overdose and slashing my wrists, Blood everywhere….while in the hospital, I was sitting in a room w tables , talking to another patient, as our conversation ended, she got up and walked away…..I was teary eyed, didn’t know what I was going to do, what to feel……suddenly I felt a large hand on my right shoulder and it gave me a moderate shake and said to me “I’m not finished with you yet !!” I gave a little laugh and quickly turned around to see who it was……NO ONE !……no one in the room, ANYWHERE…NO footsteps, nothing…….but I knew it was an Angel from GOD………I knew, from that moment on, I would never get that despondent again……..they(Angels) are among us….especially for those who truly believe.

    • Yes, the Bible tells us they are busy. They are his messingers. We have guardian angels as well. We are never alone. I’m glad you didn’t die because I would have been devoid of a wonderful, true Christian friend. Think of all the laughter and silliness I would have missed because you’re the one I can be silly with. I love you my friend. God bless you and sell lots of Avon!

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