I salute the men as well as the women, but this blog is dedicated to the women who are presently soldiers, and some are facing battle as I type this blog while others are wounded warriors and others are fallen soldiers. In 2012, there were 139 female soldiers killed between Iraq and Afghanistan and 802 women wounded.

The female suicide rate for women in war zones triples. A five year study was performed by the National Institute of Health, five to fifteen women commit suicide out of 100,000 female soldiers.  Where as fifteen to twenty-seven women per 100,000 of either gender who are married is likely to commit suicide. The article does not explain the reason. I wish I could understand except maybe one of the reasons might be the absence of one’s partner or family can produce a deep sadness or maybe some type of action is performed creating guilt. Maybe, you can think of reasons and find web sites that might explain these phenomena. 

Never have I felt so strongly about the military and their plight except during the Viet Nam Era when Americans didn’t appreciate the job are vets performed. However, this is another story.

I am sure there are more than the few projects for wounded warriors for females, but I could not find more. There is The Project Bring Together where women can share friendship and, also Rivers of Recovery which bring together disabled women who camp out and receive a deserved Queen’s treatment whereas strong bonds of friendships are made. They learn to fly fish and perhaps find peace with the help of nature leaving all their worries and cares behind.

One woman said “Do you know how hard it is for a soldier to sit and watch someone else work.”

Then there is Motion Therapy where our disabled vets are asked to express their anger. Five vets were interviewed by Kelly Wallace by CBS news. After spending three years in the hospital recuperating from injuries suffered when an humvee rolled over in Afghanistan a woman said, “We love life more when we stare it in the face.”

There are those who struggle because society puts an emphasis on the appearance of a woman and like one woman said is “What you see is what you get.” 

They experience difficulty dressing and in personal care. Many consider themselves as being alone after becoming injured, but then they meet people like themselves. The injured vets realize they are not alone.

There is a pilot program to train women in Emotional Freedom Techniques. After they learn this, the women can go home and share it with others. These sessions are offered free of charge.

By 2020, one out of every five veterans will become disabled. 


1. The vets continue to experience difficulty by obtaining timely effective VA mental health care.

2. VA is failing to give long-term care to vets with traumatic brain injury.

3. Support is needed to establish consistency to provided support under The Caregiver Assistance Law.


I do not sure how it is now, but women faced difficulty in inserting 55 pound shells in tanks and carrying a backpack weighing between 60 and 70 pounds. Also, concern is expressed by men on whether a woman would be able to carry a 200 pound wounded male soldier. This all boils down to the differences between women and men’s upper body strength.

I asked a retired Vietnam vet who is a friend of mine, what he thought about women being allowed to be in the front lines or in battle. He felt that men are naturally Alphas, so under fire, a man would shield the female soldier and possibly get killed or injured.

200,000 women were deployed as female helicopter pilots, in combat zones as medics, and the military even put out a group called the lionesses which are women soldiers who walk into the villages and talk to the Afghanistan women. 


Srgt. Becce Taylor under fire from the Taliban said, “You don’t think, you act. Your adrenaline kicks in, so does training focus on the job at hand.”

On March 20, 2005, Leigh Ann Hester earned a Silver Star. The highest award a soldier can receive for battlefield valor. She was the first woman to receive this award since WWII and the first woman ever to receive this during close in combat.


Veteran hospitals were the top of the line. Now vets receive sub-standard care. Not only do they not receive adequate care physically and mentally, but their Commander and Chief is willing to not give the respect of a fallen soldier due to sequester. This should not be tolerated. We owe these men and women who sacrificed their blood, so we can demonstrate against a President for his callous actions.  I owe them for my being able to write what I like. Although under the man in the Oval office, I’m scrutinized.

Our freedoms are being removed one by one.

Our vets should receive top care. Our vets should be held at esteem honor. Our vets should not want for nothing when they come home. They should have a heroes welcome. This nation needs to stand up and applaud them.

In closing, I am proud of the retired vets who tore the fences down at the war memorials today. I am proud they are standing up for their beliefs. Now, if the rest of the nation who want freedom not tyranny, who want to see democracy not dictatorship need to join forces and oust those who have betrayed us, impeach those who have turned on us, jail those who are guilty of deception. Freedom is being evaded. Now is the time to let the people at the Capital know “We’re tired, and we’re not taking it any more!”

Tell me what you think and your opinions even though they may vary from mine. I’ll be glad to discuss these issues and more with you.  





I will next blog on Sunday, October 20. Until then may the Lord bless you.




  1. Good job, Sharon! Too many people now days feel removed from what’s going on in the overseas assault and in our Capital, COMPLACENCY ! if it isn’t in my “LAP” then let it go, ignore it! seems to be the bi-line. Today, too many feel their “Mantra” is “me, myself and I”, instead of “Ours”. It is our history and CONSTITUTION, OUR freedoms, OUR rights, OUR religion (Christianity), OUR property, OUR CHILDREN!! Etc.etc……..Ask Before the communists take over our homes and OUR children.

    • Simething has put Americans to sleep and they are not the men who were involved in the original Tea Party Act. They are not the ones who won freedom from the English.
      Yes, complacency is the answer to we Americans letting offenses take place or the idea of “Politically Correct” a word steming from the left. Thank you for replying, my friend.

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