Did you know since 1973, America murdered 56 million babies? 93% of the abortions committed is performed for convenience.

As I researched this topic of abortion, I really did not understand all that entailed in the murder of America’s babies let alone children of the world. A realization hit me. A offense I committed in the 1970’s to which I now want to write this letter.

My dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you well. Many years ago, I’m sure you remember my willingness to take you to an abortion clinic to rid yourself of an unwanted pregnancy. I knew you weren’t raped. I knew your having a baby was not creating a life and death matter. I was wrong. I now carry much guilt because of my actions. I helped to kill an innocent child.

For years I’ve been against abortion and forgot about the misfortunate trip.

I know women who have abortions bear much guilt, turn to the use of drugs in an attempt to erase these feelings. Some commit suicide. I hope this is not the case with you. Many lose their self esteem. I remember you as being a beautiful, young woman. Whereas, at the very least, many women suffer nightmares.  I hope you have not suffered and found forgiveness for yourself. If not, please find forgiveness. There is not one of us who have not sinned. I know God forgives you. Please, try to forgive me as well. I hope your life is filled with peace and happiness.

May God bless you and keep you safe from all harm.



As I think of this, I wonder if maybe I helped her because I too was pregnant out of wedlock. The pain was so great that I did not wish anyone else to feel this psychological hurt. I gave up my child for adoption.  I gave this tiny, back haired beauty into a stranger’s arms. I prayed she might have a good life. A piece of my heart went with her as the stranger turned her back and carried my baby away.

Now, she was going to become someone else’s child. Someone else would wipe away her tears. Someone else would wrap their arms around her and tell her they loved her. Someone else would read her bed time stories as she grew up. Someone else would watch her go  to the proms, Someone else would watch her glide down the aisle on her wedding day.


My heart broke. Yet, I knew I was doing a most selfless deed for the sake of my child, Years later, I had the privilege to meet this beautiful woman. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she looked like me. Oh my goodness, she was smart too. She was a Certified Accountant, and she was married.

Together they had two boys. One is now a doctor. I say this proudly because I carried her in my womb. When we were one, I would talk to her and tell her about my life. In secret, I include these two, young men as my list of grandchildren though they don’t know anything about me. I’m just thankful to God, He let me meet her.

Do I miss her you ask?  Yes, I do, but I know she and her family and adopted parents are happy. May God bless you dear one.

The effects of abortions 

Abortions effect not only the mother but can effect her parents family and extended family.

Abortion can affect how one may treat their children born afterward.

Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger said, “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infants member is to kill it.” I feel this is the most horrific statement, a woman can make as an authority figure to another woman in need of good advice.

The Beginning Life Of A Baby

Day 1 Fertilization takes place and life begins.

Day 6 The embryo begins implementation in the uterus.

Day 22 The heart begins to beat with the child’s own blood. The child’s backbone spinal column and nervous system are forming.

Week 4 Eyes, legs, hands begin to develop.

Week 6 Brain waves are detectable. Mouth, lips are present. Finger nails are forming.

Week 7 Eyelids and toes form,  the nose is distinct. The baby is kicking and swimming.

Week 8 Every organ is in place. Bones replace cartilage. Fingerprints form. By the 8th week, the baby can hear.

Week 9 and 10 Teeth form, fingernails develop.  The baby can turn its head and frown as well as hiccup.

Weeks 10 and 11 The baby can breathe amniotic fluid and urinate.

Week 11 The baby can grasp objects place in its hands. All organ systems are functioning. The baby has skeletal structure, nerves and circulation.

Week 12 All parts necessary to experience pains including nerves, spinal cord, and thalamus is formed.  Its vocal cords are  complete, and the child can now suck its thumb.

Week 14 The baby’s heart pumps several quarts of blood through its body every day.

Week 16 The baby has adult taste buds.

Month 4 Bone marrow begins. The heart now pumps twenty-five quarts of blood a day. By the end of month, the baby is eight to ten inches in length and now weights up to a half a pound.

Week 17 The baby can dream REM stage.

Week 19 Babies can routinely be saved and at 21 to 22 weeks after fertilization.

Week 20 baby recognizes mother’s voice. They are capable of feeling pain. This is the earliest at which partial birth is performed.

Month 5 The baby practices breathing by inhaling and exhaling amitotic fluid into developing lungs. The baby will grasp the umbilical cord when it feels it. Has increased movements of kicking and of hiccupping. Oil and sweat glands are now functioning. The baby is now 12 inches long or more and weighs up to one and a half pounds.

Months 7 & 9 Eye teeth present. The baby opens and closes its eyes. Uses four senses: taste, hearing, touch and smell. The baby knows the difference between wakefulness and asleep. The baby can relate to mother’s moods. Babies skin thickens. A layer of fat is produced and stored beneath the skin. Antibodies build up. The baby’s heart now pumps 300 gallons of blood a day. Approximately one day before birth, the baby stops growing and drops down into the pelvic region.


1. LMP done throughout the first trimester at four to seven weeks a tube is inserted into the uterus where a large syringe is inserted and the embryo baby is suctioned.

2. Dilation Evacuation performed thirteen to fourteen week after an LMP performed during second trimester. The cervix needs to be dilated because the baby is larger. Rods are inserted a day or two before the killing of the baby. Medications are given to soften the cervix. A suction tube is inserted, and the baby parts are pulled apart. The remaining parts are removed with tools.

3. Abortion Pill RU 486 The pill is used up to 49 days but can be used up to 67 days where women takes pills to kill the child and two days later the fetus is expelled.

4. Here is a description of partial birth abortion.


Dr. Anthony Levante MD SD Obstetrician Gynecologist Once an abortionist and testified to US Congress.

He stated the fetus at 24 weeks is two finger breaths above the umbilicus. In an partial birth abortion, a catheter is inserted to suction the ammonic fluid which is a pale yellow and looks like wine. Remember, the baby breathes this fluid. So essentially, when the fluid is removed, the baby suffocates.

A 13 inch clamp is inserted inside. The clamp has teeth to clasp. I guess we could call these the jaws of death. The physician needs to be careful they don’t puncture the thin wall of the vagina. If a puncture occurs, in some women after an abortion find themselves sterile.

Once the forceps touch something, the physicians pulls until something pops. Sometimes a fully formed leg or arm is pulled out. Following the removal of the limbs, the spinal cord, heart, lungs are shredded. The physician describes his having to pull hard to seperate the limbs from the trunk.

The head becomes free floating. In order for it to pass the vaginal area, the physician inserts the forceps to crush the skull and a gelatinous liquid is expelled while pieces of the scalp is removed. Often times the face of the baby comes out as well.

There are so many complications which can occur besides sterility ranging from laceration of the cervix to infections to lacerated bladder to lacerated intestines which at its extreme if symptoms are not observed can lead to death.

The US government under the consent of Obama now labels anyone against abortion as terrorists. I’d rather be labeled a terrorist than murder a baby. To me, this is one of the most appalling procedures I‘ve known about. I wonder how a doctor performing this surgical procedure would like to have their limbs popped off without pain anesthesia of course. First one arm than the next one might be a leg until all the limbs are removed. Then pull the spine apart. Oh yes, we mustn’t forget the skull. Smash it. Sounds barbaric doesn’t it. This is what is happening to our babies. After 9/11, there were 3000 souls murdered. Today, 4000 babies are murdered every day due  to abortion.

Are we really a nation who looks up God? This is taking a life. Though my heart is torn apart because of my pregnancy. I thank God I never resorted to an abortion.

I know this is a heated discussion. I believe once again Satan has sold mankind a lie. If a prospective women were to watch the procedure, I wonder how many children would be killed.  Some I suspect, but many children would be saved to be given a chance to live and become productive citizens.

May God have mercy on this nation and nations of the world where Planned Parenthood paid by are taxes are sent to other nations to set up free abortion clinics.     

I would love to hear from you. Tell me your story. Are any of you birth mothers or birth children? What about abortions? Do any of you know someone who had an abortion and suffered negative results because of it? I’d love to discuss this with you.

Take care. God bless you. The next blog will be posted on Sunday, October 13.














  1. After being a nurse for 46 yrs. I could not finish reading the ways they abort babies ! Hideous !! A woman who commits this crime to her baby should NEVER be allowed to have a baby EVER again. Would you ever TRUST her to treat the child with loving grace, as God treats us with loving GRACE? She has Committed MURDER; Paying someone to kill your child is a CRIME; why does our PRESIDENT (Commander in Chief) encourage this behavior and He does NOT protect the innocent.!! ??….One day he may try to KILL us , if we are not “on his page”…….when are you going to wake up AMERICA, MOMS and DADS ??

    • Yes, Barbara,. it was difficult for me to read the procedure let alone write.it. This is done all for the sake of conveince. Satan is the master of lies, and as you well know, he wants to destroy anything and everything God has made. I know someday he is going to end up in fiery hell, but the problem is the billions of people who are going to be there with him for an eternity.

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