A day ago I was accused of being a racist by a writer of a blog which took me by surprise.

The definition of a racist is a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to othrs.

 I spoke up in a blog against Obamacare or “Affordable Care Act.” I really didn’t know how to handle this slam. Why is it the left always resort to name calling? One of the things I described was about the lack of care we seniors (62 and over) will receive.

This comes from Heritage Foundation.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) makes dramatic changes in the country’s health care system, especially in Medicare, that will seriously affect American seniors. Indeed, much of the health law’s new spending is financed by spending reductions in the Medicare program.

Less Access to Care

Obamacare mandates $716 billion in Medicare payment reductions from 2013 to 2022. However, contrary to the way they are often portrayed, these cuts are not aimed at specific instances of waste, fraud, and abuse. Instead, they are across-the-board changes in Medicare payment formulas for a variety of Medicare providers, including hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and hospice agencies.

Despite the constant political rhetoric that Medicare payment reductions affect only providers and not beneficiaries, funding cuts for Medicare services will directly affect those who depend on those services. If Obamacare’s major reductions are implemented by Congress over the coming decade, seniors’ ability to access Medicare services will surely diminish. In fact, the Medicare Trustees project that the lower Medicare payment rates would cause 15 percent of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies to become unprofitable by 2019, and this percentage would reach roughly 25 percent in 2030 and 40 percent by 2050.

This means that seniors would have an increasingly difficult time accessing care. As the Trustees explain:

Medicare’s payments for health services would fall increasingly below providers’ costs. Providers could not sustain continuing negative margins and would have to withdraw from serving Medicare beneficiaries or (if total facility margins remained positive) shift substantial portions of Medicare costs to their non-Medicare, non-Medicaid payers.

Fewer plan choices

In addition to the provider payment reductions, Obamacare significantly reduces payments to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans by an estimated $156 billion from 2013 to 2022. About 27 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in MA plans, a system of regulated and private plans competing against each other as an alternative to traditional Medicare. MA plans are attractive to beneficiaries because they offer more generous and comprehensive coverage than traditional Medicare by capping out-of-pocket costs and offering drug coverage

The woman whom I left message on her blog stated she has older parents. Well, for those of you who have older parents, I’d be worried. I was told when Obamacare was first enacted by my daughter, who is a nurse-practioner and an Obama supporter to get my knee surgery done before I turned 70 due to having to go before a board. Their decision would depend on whether I could have a replacement or not. 

I’m concerned for my 87-year-old mother. Will a hospital refuse her service? Maybe I should start a petition on behalf of all seniors. Obama states medical insurance is a right to have medical care. If they are taking my rights away and the rights away from we older people, than I think we should sue the federal government.

I digress.  Never once did I mention Obama. I defended myself, and stated I had many African American friends. In fact, many years ago, my husband never knew who he, AFRICAN  was going to come home to because our home was a refuge for homeless women with children. One time in Colorado Springs, CO., the capital of the KKK, my husband, a Mexican, myself, a Caucasian, and an African American all lived under the same roof. I chidingly said, “We’re going to wake up one morning and find a cross burning in our front yard.” Sharyl and her son stayed with us twice at different times until she could get situated.

At one time, my best friend was an African American. In fact, she told me I was pregnant with my third child before I knew it.

I, also question the reason why this Christian woman allowed the person who wrote vulgarities to voice his opinions about me but deleted my attempt repair our friendship and accept each others differences in our political view point.

I did not resort to name calling. Although the human nature in me wanted to call her and the people who attacked me names. In my Sunday School lesson, this week, I once again reread what my responsibilities are as a Christian.

My responsibility is to not judge. I as a Christian am called to be a peacemaker in the lives we live and the examples we set. (Matt 5:9)  For me this is a hard commandment to follow. The judge in me wants to judge. The human in me wants to shout back. I guess I liken it to being a seven-year-old child and when someone calls them a name, they call the people or people a name back. But my responsibility is to humble myself and let the Lord do the judging.

No matter one’s age there are always lessons taught. Some are painful. The older I get, the more I hate strife.

I dislike the injustices occurring in this nation.

I dislike murders who murder because of differences in race or murder because they do not have what another person owns.

Plus, I dislike murderes who kill for the fun of it.

I dislike people who call people names because they don’t believe as they do.

I dislike the graft occurring in DC.

I dislike women and girls being sold into slavery.

I dislike liars and thiefs

I dislike murders by one group toward another sector of people because they do not believe as they do.

I dislike murders who kill because of race or because they want what they don’t have. On the other hand, there are those who kill for the fun of it. 

I dislike those Republicans, who say they are going defend the constitution, turn around and betray us.

I dislike those, who let an Ambassador and the men who protected him, give up their lives because they don’t matter in the long scheme of things.

I dislike babies being aborted by the millions in a once Christian nation. Remember our money says, “In God we trust.”

I dislike a President closing all the embassies because it is his birthday, and this was the Muslim’s holy day.

I dislike in our nation, there are more and more homeless many because there are no jobs-where families are reduced to living in cars

I dislike the homelessness of the mentally ill because they do not have a place to go nor can they afford rent. 

I dislike a women with three children struggling to put food on the table now facing a reduction in work hours to 32 hours or even 28 hours of work a week. The reason because businesses can no longer afford full time employees due to the “Affordable Care Act.” How is she going to survive?

I dislike that our President and the Senate not being willing to accept the same insurance as the rest of we Americans. If it is good for us, than why is it not good for them?  How fair is this?

Injustices are everywhere I turn. Whether they be in name calling or in the actions of others. How sad this is. I am troubled by everything I’ve written about. Yet, everyday something else rises up that is an injustice. I’m reminded we live in a fallen world. Satan runs rapid like a charging bull ready to hurt or maim physically or mentally the next victim.

Thank you for giving me the platform in which I could express my feelings. May God bless you all, and may He have mercy on the people in this country. The next blog is going to be next Sunday, October 3.






  1. WOW ! a lot of material covered but needed to be said. It is sad that a lot of injustices are being added to the list daily. Seems to me that a lot of people need to WAKE UP! They seem to be looking for any excuse to say “poor me”, then turn right around and use the same injustice towards someone else. People need to stand united, evaluate the situation and move on without pointing fingers . NO ONE is perfect. As far as racists go, NONE of us chose the color we were born. COLOR does NOT decide your integrity or CHARACTER….YOU do!……Understand God loves ALL of US ! Start paying attention to the Freedoms that slowly but quickly are being taken away from us. A parent removed from a School Board meeting because he stood up to ask a question, actually pulled on….WHO stood up to support the man ?? Looked like no one !! That’s what I mean about standing united ! We are in TRANSITION and not a good one ! The government has become …a government of SOCIALITIC standards (if they are standards at all?!) with the main GOAL to Control the people, NOT a government OF the people and BY the people. We are being tossed back and forth, no one is paying attention ! IF you do not WAKE-up and become a responsible citizen, you are going to let the Government take EVERYTHING away and you will have NOONE to blame but yourself!! I truly feel that this dissention we are seeing is a PLANNED behavior by our so-called LEADERS ! Where there is DISSENTION there is NO UNITY…and that’s what they want!! WE have NO CLOUT if we the people are continually DIVIDED against each other. Even in our families things are REALLY falling APART. GRAB hold of your CHILDREN and reunite your family, teach them manners, love of God and Country , RESPECT for others, get God in your heart and be led /taught how to repair. get off the couch and find a job or develop a job, be creative and understand what we are losing!! Contact our legislature and force them to do what the PEOPLE want ! We pay their salaries and they are suppose to be representing us…..if not , VOTE them OUT!! But you have to do YOUR work, research candidates, get to know them, contact your legislatures and find out what’s going on !! ASK questions ! STOP this complacency and FREE ride, STOP the pettiness and DO SOMETHING constructive to save your family and Country !…….Think on this…….EVERYDAY we are KILLING innocent children because to raise them is NOT convenient, SOON you’ll be LOSING the CHILDREN you have to this takeover Government …………Have you DECIDED YET what you are going to FIGHT for??………………….Barbara

    • One day you may ask “What happened to our children?” and Hilary will say “It’s over NOW! And WHO CARED?”……..this is your decision, STOP the pettiness, the racism and start to inpress on your children LIFE SUSTAINING values !

    • As usual you are right on. The only thing I might add is that unlike the elected officials in the Capital, we need to evalutate the individual not his party, he belongs to. Does this individual stand for whatever our beliefs stand for. I know many people who vote straight Republican or Democrate vs. for the candidate. This unfortunate because of electing people into their positions and not even understanding what they stand for.

      Thank you for commenting, my friend.
      Love you.

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