A  group of girls sit in a barren room all wearing the identical, blue dress. Their chairs faced a TV. Each child wears a number on the front of their chest. The cartoons play on while their faces lack any type of emotion. Their eyes are blank and empty.

A group of people watch the children from a two-way mirror. One girl looks brazenly into the mirror. Her number is 146. These girls are for rent to use for men’s sexual gratification. The people viewing these children are undercover. The group became so impressed with number 146, they wanted to grab each of the girls and rescue them, but knew this wouldn’t stop the slave owners. With heavy hearts, the group left the brothel and reported its location to the police. When the police arrived, number 146 was no longer present.

The people who viewed a spark of life in the face of this little girl were heart broken. They hoped to rescue her and the rest of the children. The people, at the time who visited this child prostitution ring, formed the organization Love 146. This group rescues children from the shackles of sexual slavery.

The US Department of Health Services states child slavery is the fastest growing industry in the world.


is the abducting of forcing, deceiving or recruiting of someone into working against their will. They exploit the children most commonly for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Today, there are over 700,000 to one million children involved in trafficking and it’s growing.


1. They are threatened.

2. They are harbored.

3. They are abducted.

4. They are deceived

     with promises of

      receiving payments

      or benefits.


They are found in neighborhoods where there is a lack of social power.

Sometimes parents give consent in hope of their children receiving an opportunity to excel. i.e. modeling, retail work

The lower, middle class can be vulnerable to these vultures who prey on the innocence of children.

In poor countries, parents are promised their children can stay with a wealthy family in the city.

Poor families sell their children for high end material possessions. One family sold their child for a flat screen TV.


The slaveholders seek to control every aspect of the child’s life. They do this through violence. To the extent, the child is afraid to run away.,

The child trafficker owns the child’s birth certificate, national identity, passport and any other document. They strip the child of their distinctness. 

The child is transported to another country or different state. On initial control of the child, they confine the girl to a locked room.  The girls are beat and raped the first forty-eight hours of their imprisonment. Even if they escape, some can’t speak the language of the country. They do not know anyone they can turn to.

The slave children are dependent on their slaveholders for food, clothing and shelter.

The child is lied to. They threaten to harm her parents and her siblings or kill them if they escape.

The sex slaves have to learn to comply with a smile to whatever demand is made of them sexually.

In some oriental countries, when the girls in a family reach preadolescence, they are taken to brothels for two weeks and advertised as virgins for sale. For one night, the John or client will pay $750 or more. A week later, the girl sees ten men a night for $2.50 each. When the two weeks are over, the child returns to her family and neighborhood to resume her normal life.

Less common is when a Chinese or Japanese family receives money in advance of the young girl’s development. Payments are made, and when the man is ready, the child is surrendered to the friend of the family.


In 1904, twelve nations and the United States nullified the treaty of International Agreements For the Suppression of the White Slave Trade – which prohibited the procuration of girls for immoral purposes abroad.

WWI The League of Nations broad reaching document against slavery added children and placed “white slave trade to trafficking.”

1949 The United Nations General Assembly established the framework convention for Suppression of the Traffic in persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of others-said slavery of women and children wasn’t compatible with human rights.  It called governments to accept procedures for punishment of anyone involved with sexual exploitation. This was ratified by half of the nations. The United States accepted this act and prosecutes all people involved with the transporting and harboring of children for slavery.

“The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 is the first comprehensive federal law to address trafficking in persons. The law provides a three-pronged approach that includes prevention, protection, and prosecution. The TVPA was reauthorized through the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2013.”


Marie was an eight-year-old girl.  She lived with her mother and her mom’s live-in boyfriend. Her Dad left his family long ago when she was but two.  He never contacted them after he left their home.  One evening when Marie’s mother was at work, the man who was suppose to parent her came into her bedroom and demanded she give him oral sex. She was threatened, if she told. he would hurt her mother and her little brother

Marie decided to run away.  She slid out of her bedroom window and hit the streets. Days later, a kind man, she thought, found her hungry, He promised her food, a bath and even new clothes. This didn’t happen. As soon as she entered his home, he bound, raped and beat her.  He moved her to another state where men of all ages used her.

Despondent, she tried to commit suicide. Her slaveholder found her. Beat her. The second time, Marie tried to commit suicide, she slit her wrists, and she was found out on the streets. Authorities placed Marie in a shelter for run away children. 

In the short time, Marie stayed at the shelter she discovered her smile.  However, two weeks later, Marie found her slave owner. Within a short period of time, she attempted to commit suicide.

This time little Marie at ten years of age died. No tears sped for Marie as her small, crumbled body lay in a large pool of blood. Marie’s face can change to any name you want to give to a young girl. They find life hopeless. They become despondent. They find life not worth living.

These slave masters enjoy sucking the innocence of our girls for money. Instead of have baby dolls to play with, they find themselves trinkets and toys of hungry men. This is everywhere. For me, in my anger, I feel the men who are the slave masters, the men who are clients, need to be hung. Get rid of the demand, and you don’t need the supply.

I must apologize for my lateness in posting. Circumstances prevented me from blogging. However, I will try to blog on the posted designated days. In the mean time, tell me what you think. Do you have any questions? I’ll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.  God bless you and take care.

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  1. This does not surprise me, I have learned this 10-12 yrs ago when a friend’s young relative was shopping @ the Mall, in Michigan, with her Mom in one of the big department stores. The daughter (age 23) told her Mom she had to use the restroom, which was just outside the store, down the hallway of the Mall. “Mom” said, “I’ll meet you here by the men’s shirts “……..When the daughter had NOT returned in 10-15 minutes, the mother started to feel that something was wrong. She proceeded to the restroom. Before she got to the hallway to the rest room, she saw 2 women carrying and dragging a body towards an exit door. “That’s MY daughter”, the mother realized in her mind! She began running and screaming towards the women……Flailing her arms and purse towards the women. Screaming, calling for help, hearing her voice echoing in the hall, she beat the women til they left go of the daughter who was UNCONSCIOUS and fell to the floor. They started to head for the exit, running. PEOPLE were coming now, since they heard the screams. Mom pointed and screamed” Get THEM, they’re going out, getting away!!” They were finally caught in the parking lot !!….there was a ring of them….gathering women for a sex ring to be injected with sedatives, to be sold to MEN of the Middle East , for their own sexual pleasures. The “Men” were definitely CREEPS! But what’s with the WOMEN ?!! SICKOS! ….ALL for the GREED for MONEY ! WE must HIGHLY value our children(no matter what the age) and re-establish the need for respect of our young children and revalue the FAMILY UNITE!…….the ordeal for the 23 yr. old was harrowing, but can you IMAGINE how HORRIFYING for the little girls !!….something they will NEVER RECOVER from……so they say “they return to a NORMAL (?) life after the men are finished with them”……..How can their life EVER be NORMAL again !!…….WE must stand against people who view WOMEN as COMMODITIES !!…………Protect our children NO MATTER what age !……………………………..Barbara

    • Yes, this is the reason why I write the subjects that are dark and uncomfortable. I want to again expose the unjustices performed aganist women and children. Long ago, we gained our independence as women. I wonder

      • Well someway or another I was cut off. As I said, I wonder how much freedom we really have. We have glass ceilings, men with corrupted concepts of women, (we are commondities and possessions like Jake thinks in my story.), sexual slavery and an unwillingness to address by scientific communitc diseases/disorders pecular to women, only.
        Once again thank you for being my friend. I love you. God Bless you.


  2. I, also wanted to address the episode which took place. I can not imagine. Would it affect this woman? I think so. I think I might have a hard time trusting people. The _______ (I’m not putting down what I think of these men except they are Satan’s tools needed to be punished as well.


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