Today, a video displayed Christian children murdered. A man picked up what looked to be perhaps a three-year-old girl who was beheaded. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Once again the horror and almost disbelief hit my brain. I wanted to hit, strike out, and hurt the Syrians rebels who gave praise to Allah as they beheaded her. This is only one small example of the way Muslim radicals treat Christians. (Video on http//

Professor Majid Khaddiuri, world’s leading authority on Islam law and jurisdiction states, “There are just as many Muslim radicals as there are American radicals. The term Spoel (ghanima) is applied specifically to property acquired by force from non-Muslims included (moveable and immoveable), but also persons whether in the capacity of asna (prisoner of war) or sabi (women and children). If the slave were a woman the master’s permitted to have sexual connection with her as a concubine.”(

Countries around the world

09/08/2013 Maaloula, Syria Three Christian children murdered in their homes while six were held hostages. (Nothing was recorded of what happened to the hostages.)

09/03/2013 Adu, Nigeria Nine Christian villagers including two children machined gunned in their home by Muslim terrorists.

09/01/2013 Beledweyne, Somalia a Christian mother was murdered in front of her child. She was targeted by Islamic radicals.

08/06/2012 Ain Shams, Egypt a ten-year-old Christian was shot through the heart in front of the church by pro Muslim Brotherhood Activists.

08/06/2013 Richmond, CA a recent Muslim convert on a mission from Allah stabed a store clerk to death.

07/29/2013 Kano, Nigeria  Forty-five people were massacred and fifteen injured by Islamic bombers who targeted the Christian district and churches

01/15/2013 Haugesund, Norway A Muslim stabs two Christians who converted from Islam. .

The incidents continues.  These are only an sample of the number of murderous incidents occurring across the world.

Taken from “The Religion of 

Here is one more story about a Christian woman who took a sip of water from a Muslim cup. She was tried and found guilty and sentenced to death. Aasiya Noreen “Asia” ’dictated to her husband a book called “Blasphemy” with hopes of giving money to her family while she sits in prison, Here’s one excerpt of an reader’s  comments about her life. “

The true, heartbreaking story of the woman who kept her humanity in the face of unbelievable cruelty and injustice.” Asia Bibi was sentenced to hang by Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, laws which allow innocent people to be accused and punished unjustly. Many have spoken for her including the Pope yet three years on and she is no closer to freedom. What can we do? I asked this question over and over. When tens of thousands of people can gather to call for the death of one woman, where are the crowds to call for her release? If the west is so large and so strong why can’t we free her?”

Bibi was working in the field and became thirsty and went to the nearest well to get a drink of water. Two other women saw her drinking from the well and called it Blasphemy  Bibi’s life turned upside down. A large crowd accosted her, and she was found guilty to be sentenced to hang. Two public official spoke out against this unjust sentence and were murdered. A Pakistan government official spoke about the unfairness of Bibli’s imprisonment. She later was murdered.

Bibli was moved by the Pakistan government out of embarrassment and placed in a remote prison with hopes someone would poison her. Her family live in fear and in hiding. Bibi dictated this story to her husband for four of the many years she stays in jail. The book is called, Blasphemy: A Memoir: Sentenced to Death Over a Cup of Water Paperback and Kendal by(Asa Bibli, Author,  Anne-Isabelle Tollet,  Author)

I hope those of you who read this blog will consider the buying the paperback or get it on Kendal. This is something we can all do to in a small way  help this poor family.


I given you a few incidents with many more occurrences found if a goggle search is made. I described only a few of the atrocities of what is taking place in our world. What surprised me is murder by an Islamists in this country. I have a hunch this is only an genesis of what will come to myr/your nearest neighborhood.

Remember what the professor said we are nothing but property and expendable if we refuse to convert to  Islam. I wonder how many of us are going to for the sake of our belieft/our religious beliefs be willing to watch someone chop off the head of our daughters or grand daughters?

Please leave me your comments. I’d love to read them. Until the next time, we connect which is set for Sunday, September 22, God Bless you and this country.








  1. It is so heartbreaking when you see the disregard for human life. If Human life holds no value to someone, what’s left? Words can not say or do justice to the travesty around us. The best we can do is love, educate. teach about God and His Son, Jesus to our children and grandchildren. Let them know about God’s love and forgiveness ” He will never leave thee nor forsake me”. Read Sharon’s Blog on “The day of only one set of footprints…”. Whether we realize it or not, He is always with us, once we commit and understand God’s love and His Son, Jesus! We must uphold our VALUES and our Strength

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