Wake Up America Common Core is HERE!


According to Washington State Educational Board, “Common Core is a real world approach to learning and teaching.”

Every state in the Union except for four states has accepted this new school system. This program’s initial, national estimate cost is $1,024,163,000. 

This new educational system was not voted on by the school systems in this country, but mandated by the federal government with a promise of millions of dollars coming to the states.

One of the problems I have with this promise is where is the money coming from? Oh yes, I know we keep manufacturing money without the currency having any value. I guess something like monopoly money.


This assessment occurs from K through high school.

Subjects covered are interpersonal relationships in their home of the child.

Including such things as what is the political persuasion of your parents?

Do your parents attend church?

How do you feel about the opposite sex, transvestites, cross dressers?

Diseases, Illness or Health conditions are going to be included in this data.

What is your bus route, Bus stop and Arrival Time?

I wonder if a child in the lower grades of school would even know what a transvestite or a cross dresser is.




Cameras will video the facial expressions of your child.

Your child will sit in a posturing chair, which registers pressure mounts.

Your child will wear a wristband that will register their skin perspiration. All this information is going to follow them from Kindergarten through life.

Two well-known professors after authoring the Common Core manual refused to sign off because it was changed after they wrote the manual. They are Dr. Sandra Stottsky in charge of writing the components of literature, and Dr. James Milgran, Professor of Emeritus from Stanford. Both feel what is being pushed is inferior to the present education offered. 

Although this system is without benchmarks, it professes to advance our children’s education. However, new eighth grade level is going to be two years behind their now counterparts.


History –

Education begins with Kennedy. Yup, you got it. Our children will not learn about the American Revolutionary War, our Civil War, World War I and World War II as well as the Korean War.  What happens to the heroes of these wars? Will the plaques dedicated to these heroes be torn down? There’ll be any national pride. This needs to be stifled since we are entering a World education.


Students no longer will be encouraged or assigned reading of the classics. If a child shows an interest, then they will be given a literature manual. They will not focus on writing sentences correctly and using correct spelling. Hmm, I wonder what’s going to happen to all our libraries. A generation of people who don’t read. Will books at first gather dust and then disintegrate. Will the great literature written be placed in a seal proof, micro proof vacuum so they won’t fall apart?

To list but a few of our famous libraries in the states: The Library of Congress, The George Peabody Library in Boston, Boston Public Library and Seattle Public Library. Will they all become historical relics or museums of times gone by?

Math studies

Let’s give an example of a problem 4X3. Of course, the correct answer is 12.  However, if the student inserts 11 and demonstrates the way he arrived at his answer then he will receive an A.  However, if a student answers the question with the correct answer 12, and does not demonstrate his work, then he/she will receive a low grade.

No child will flunk. 

A child’s attendance neither has little nor any value. They can skip school entirely or spasmodically attend classes. Teachers are told to pass them and advised not to give them homework for the days missed.

My question is

What is going to happen to our children? Are they going to be come like sheep? Because they certainly are not encouraged to think outside the box. What about scientific exploration, research and development?  What about creativity

The arts?  No more great writers, artists, musicians etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want your children to become like sheep? There are pockets of parents rising up against the Common Core, and their state who has incorporated this system.

I’d love to read your comments and answer them as soon as I get them. I’ll next blog on Tuesday, September 10. Take care and God Bless you .      






6 thoughts on “Wake Up America Common Core is HERE!

  1. Yes, the students who have poor attendance and poor work ethic will not be given an “F” or a “0”, in most states they will be given a low percentage point, like 65%. This is so the states will not lose their monies promised from the FEDS, students not performing are “fudged grades” to keep the money flowing. (Feds frown on failures and poor educational response in students). They do not want the parents involved in the schools, oh @ first they may make some effort to include them, but eventually the government wants to be the” parent “. That’s why the 400 point assessment is done WITHOUT parental permission. The assessment is recorded and data stored, later to be accessed by ANY government agency. If you think the phone tapping and the IRS scandal is bad, just wait, continue to “Ostrich” your head in the sand. POW ! maybe Americans will wake-up!……google…COMMON CORE COALITION….located in Manatee Co. Fl. , They have access to a 45 page CC (common core ) Analysis….indepth analysis by Phd’s in education and Pediaricians, 50 various organizations involved in schools, children, propaganda, etc. Recommended Reading !…Parents need to get involved…NOW !

    • Yes, there have been many times in my life when I wanted to shake a person and yell at them to “WAKE UP!” This is another time when I’d like to do this to Americans. This system is going to change our children and then America as we know it. Unfortunately, people are too tired to care or too busy texting or surfing on the web.
      All I can do is pray and when I have a chance tell people.
      We need to first march to our state capitals and demand the removal of Common Core from our school districts, then we need to march to Washington DC and throw out the bums who want to program our children-America.

  2. I have tried to learn a little more about this issue from a non-politically biased site such as Wikipedia. The intent seems to be good because we need to raise the standard of education in this country if we want to compete with other countries.The cost is not not a good thing,though.Although we would like to keep things the way they were when we went to school, this is a changing world and our kids have to keep up.

    • Hi Kathy!
      Thank you for coming to my blog. The problem with Common Core is it is not going to solve the problem. I admit our country has an F in educating out young. We are 50th in ranking. However, one of the things I absolutley hate is Big Brother intrusion into our our lives, the lives our children and our grandchildren.I’m fearful of what is going to happen to our next generation. .

    • Common Core’s agenda is to control our children’s mind-to program them so they are like sheep.. The education system is coming ro your friendly country of Canada as well. The educational system is supported by United Nations, and it’s agenda is to bring together a one world government. I do not pledge allegiance the United Nations nor will I ever do so. From the time I was a little girl I learned the Pledge of Allegiance.I was a proud American even as a litle girl.
      I do not like the direction this country is headed since Obama took office. This educational mandate came directly from the feds. Can you believe our country is even more socialistic then Russia? Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  3. To the Lady who “looked it up in a non-political ” atmosphere….Question? How do you know that Bush, Gates, Mobile, Fordham Foundation, Exon, etc. doesn’t OWN Wikipedia !!???

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