For many of us baby boomer the 60’s was the good old days.  The early 60’s, before President Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated, to me were The Good Old Days.  I believe after this, the country began its metamorphosis into for many respects; deterioration.  Let me name a few of aspects of The Good Old Days.

1.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS OF INNOCENCE Sex was not discussed on TV or in the movies.  I remember blushing when our 8th grade girls health teacher discussed French Kissing.  Our eyes popped open wide when she said boys put their tongues into the girl’s mouth and girls did the same to the boys.  And they liked it!  I can remember shaking my head in disgust and saying “ewww!”

2.  THOSE WERE THE DAY WHEN ALL ADULTS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD knew who Sherry was (my nickname) and who were my parents.  They also knew my parents phone number.  Phone numbers then could have up to three parties per line.  This means people shared the same telephone line.  The way one knew if the phone call was for their house was by the ring.  The phone numbers also had prefixes like MA or BR or Fu-short for Fulton.

3.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS when parents’ authority reigned supreme.  Children were disciplined.  Yup, I did receive my share of spankings.  I can’t say I didn’t deserve most of them. 

4.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS when even in the middle of the city, where we lived, we could leave our doors opened during the night.  We didn’t have to worry about home invasions or even a burglar attempting to get into our house.  Although, I did have a brand new Jansen bathing suit stole from our clothes lines.  They caught the thief, too.  He lived across the ally from us.

5.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS of Bee Hive hair styles.  The higher the better. Rat the hair as high as the hair would go.  Don’t comb it down.  Use hairspray and comb the top layer.  Those were the days of white lipstick and or pale pink lipsticks.   The old folks use to complain and say we looked like we were dead.  

6.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS of straight skirts worn above the knees.  I use to roll my skirt up when I left the house.  I couldn’t wear the mini skirts or certainly not the micro skirts.  If I wore one of those types of skirts, and my parents caught me wearing it, I’d been imprisoned in my room for life!

7.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS teachers were teachers and didn’t belong to unions.  In fact, I never heard of a teacher making sexual advances to their students.  We learned the basics.  None of the Common Core stuff where now children in school are going to learn about our history starting after WWII.   We respected George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Not sure if the school children of tomorrow are going to know about these two presidents.  Now, the gay agenda is to begin teaching about alternative life styles to our kindergartners and first graders.  These are young, innocent children.  This will change children forever.

8.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS when little or no drugs flowed until the middle 60’s our innocence began to fade in this country.  GI’s came home hooked on drugs such as LSD.  The Beetles sang about getting high.  This was the age of the flower children and communes, where I’ve been told, drugs flowed freely.

9.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS children and people of all ages could walk all over our big city of Tacoma, WA without fear of becoming a victim.  We all know senseless murders are taking place every day in our cities and towns.

10.THOSE WERE THE DAYS churches were full and everyone attended church and worshiped Jesus.   

NOW THESE ARE THE DAYS were rape occurs, and drugs flow freely.  The churches are empty.  Parents can not discipline their children for fear of government intrusion. Many family bonds are broken, or they never existed. The world in the 60’s was challenged by President Kennedy “To ask not what country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  As well as Martin Luther’s famous speech, “I had a dream…” For many the concept is “What can my country do for me?”

MY HEART BLEEDS AND TEARS FALL SILENTLY for my countrymen.  What has happened to us?  Our great nation is slipping in its power.  COULD IT BE WE LEFT GOD OUT OF OUR LIVES?  Has materialism taken the place of God?

I think about Abraham in the Bible and how he pleaded with God not to destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah if there were fifty God fearing believers.  Abraham continued to narrow down the number to where at last only Lot and his wife were left, and they fled from the city.

My prayer to God is to remember there are more than fifty belivers in our country.  In fact, there are thousands upon thousands.  SO MY PLEA TO GOD IS TO PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON THIS NATION, AND LET US RETURN BACK TO BELIEVING IN HIM.

Tell me what you think.  I know many of you remember your childhood and youth with fondness, tell me about it.  Giving me your views on what I’ve written.  I’d love to read them.

I’m going to be away for a few days.  The next time I’ll post a blog will be on the 30th of August.  I also want to say my novel is unpublished at this time.  I do not want to miss lead people.  It should be out, I hope in December.  The story I’m writing takes place in the 60’s.  God Bless you all.



2 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN -THE 60’S AND 10 ASPECTS

  1. There are many factions moving in our country and in homes….drugs, alcohol, pornography, pediphelia, bullying, incest, homosexuality, adultery, multiple divorce, children out of wedlock, no “fathers”, abuse, lack of responsibility and morals……frightening! Who needs to be afraid of foreigners across the water ? Our families, alone, are frightening!!! The 60’s weren’t perfect…..but Lordy, Lordy ! TODAY is Horrifying ! If this is the LIFE of Technology…I do not want to live it ! The general attitude of the 60’s far overshadows any good in Today. Read the Bible !! Remember “Solomon and Gamorrha “…….we are living it today…..all hope we had in the 60’s died when we settled on the flesh and turned our backs on the Lord!

    • Hi Barbara!
      Once again I was almost through commenting, and the darn thing disappeared. Ugggg!! You know patience is not my best attribute.

      Now in remarks to what you said. i think we left God behind when we stopped going to church and considered Sundays as a day of relaxation, family outings or cleaning days.

      We Christians became difficult to distinguish between the non Christians. Our great commission is to win others to Christ. I told you one out of seven Christians in America has invited someone to church in the last year. This is pathetic.

      When I think of it, my heart aches. I wonder how Jesus feels.

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