How many of you know a hero or an unsung hero?

I sat transfixed to the TV while a lump formed in my throat a few days ago, and watched children flee in terror from their schools. The screen changed again and showed a picture of a bookkeeper, by the name of Antonette Tuff,  

Ms. Tuff was responsible for saving the lives of all of the children in her school plus the teachers and even the perpetrator.

Mr. Michael Hill, a disturbed young man, came to the school to murder. Through the convincing, warm, caring voice of Ms. Tuff, he placed all his weapons on the counter.

Her comment to Mr., Hill was, “We’re not gonna hate you, baby. It’s a good thing that you’re giving up.”

This heroine, this valiant lady prevented blood shed. God put her exactly where she needed to be at the right time. My list goes on and on about known heroes.

Each terror strike, we experienced people coming to the rescue of others when they need them the most.

Each World War and battles fought even in the Holocaust, Men and women  stepped up to the plate to help and rescue others.

The Bible describes many times when women and men saved their people. In the Book of Easter, Queen Easter of Persia, became a heroine and saved the life of her uncle and her Jewish people

But what about the unsung heroes? What about the nurse who holds a patient’s hand out of compassion as she or he is dying. They are examples of unsung heroes or unsung heroines.

Consider the gifts of money given to the victims of natural disasters by strangers. Perhaps, you’re an unsung hero.

My friend Barbara, who is a retired nurse, volunteers her time to care for a woman stricken with cancer. When needed, she takes her to doctor’s visits and to her chemo treatment. After realizing this woman was experiencing increased confusion, she organized her medications and set them up in a tray. This way, the lady could take her pills as prescribed. Again, no one but the people around Barbara know she is an unsung heroine.

I think about my husband who delivered Meals on Wheels when he was able too. He brought the shut-ins at home, cold and hot meals with a smile. These people depended on these meals for their survival.

In my novel, “The Journey,” an older couple offered their mother-in-law flat to an abused woman who fled from her husband. As a couple, they became unsung heroes to this destitute, young woman.

Last year after being unemployed for two years, my husband became gainfully employed. In September of 2013, we moved from Florida to Massachusetts with the idea of at last experiencing a paycheck every week.  Close to Christmas, his employer notified him and  his fellow employees, they were going to began to lay people off.

A good friend lent us a large amount of money, so we could move back to Florida. I don’t know what we would have done if she hadn’t helped us. When we arrived, her friend rented us his camper trailer for a small fee. We camped out in her backyard, In February, we moved and now pay rent to a friend of a friend. To us, these people are unsung heroes. We could not have made it without them.

All and all, heroes come in all sizes, in all shapes, all ages and all walks of life to help people in need. Remember the three women held captive for so many years. This hero set the captives free.

To all of these people, I want to say thank you. I don’t know where this world would be without all of you.

What about the heroes in your life? Have you met any? Tell me about them?

I’ll post my next blog on Monday, August 26.



  1. This was such a beautiful read to read..What pillars of strength you and your husband are! And what I love the most? Is that your kindness/compassion still seeps through all you share; and you didn’t grow bitter like some from life’s downs..Life after all as we’ve learned is a roller coaster ride..With many highs and lows..I feel we learn our own staying power through the adversity..My list of heroes is far too long to list..And those are just the ones I recognize recently! During my lifetime I’ve been just blessed to be around a host of become who do over and beyond for people…I love IT..But on top of the list always? My parents…Just wrote them a thank you card a couple days ago..With a LONG list of things I’m thankful for this past 2 weeks of surgery recovery…They’ve given me 24 hr hands-on care…I don’t take it for granted. It isn’t something parents have to do for their 50 yr old divorced daughter…My Mom slept by my side every moment I was in hospital..And when I was moaning with pain in my sleep & awful night sweats(that I’ve never had until I went into immediate menopause) Mom was suddenly awake…I know the care I got would’ve cost a grip if paid for in money…From strangers..Instead what I’ve gotten is care with love..Priceless & is why my parents are forever top of my list of heroes..They’ve taught me to love effortlessly and that is something I’ve been thankful for my entire life

    • Good morning!
      Thank you for the wonderful compliments. I thought of you and your parents as I wrote this piece. I considered your parents unsung heroes as well. Now their noted heroes! Thousands of people know the way they sacrificed for you and prayed for you. “With God all things are possible.”

      When we underwent this last time my husband’s job closed, this was not the first time. The time before we lost our home as well as his job closed. I experienced more of a difficult time accepting this because I grieved. From this, God gave me a lot of lessons to learn. I guess to get ready for this time. Maybe, now I accept the most basic of things, I’m learning to thank the Lord in all things. The very basic of this is He continues to give me life and the ability to share. Bless you. I’m glad you’re in recovery and continuing to get stronger.

      OXOXOX to you my new friend.

      In Christian love,

      • Wow..I had no clue it was your 2nd time …Yes, I think you’ve nailed what we’re to learn most of all in this Life Journey…To always be thankful to God for any/all phases of Life we’re in..To truly cherish the moment! It took me many years to learn that and to not keep wanting and wanting; and not ever being content with the here & now..Through adversity and walking in the lows of the Valleys & surviving! did I finally learn that lesson..And I learn of course from watching my parents live & love & love & live , host of many others including new friends like you…I thank you for sharing such a piece of your herstory…And thank you for your well wishes; I’m in FULL recovery! On the downslope..that first week was a true bummer lol! OUCH but I’m still standing..No more need for pain meds and healing very nicely. Sans ANY hormone replacement yet..and I’m hopeful I can maintain without…Time will tell. My parents said I’m doing very well with menopause so far..God truly IS good all the time(for how I’d worried beforehand that I’d need hormone replacement immediately…) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Stay UPlifted my friend and keep sharing with all of us your love…Sincerely, Bernadette(Berna)

      • First of all, I want to thank you for your sweetnes. I think I goofed and replied to my own blog. I GOOFED. Recently, on one post I placed I hit the like button. Some one commented that I was vain. Not really Technoglically illerate.

        Now in replay to your comments. I’m not sure if my reply which became a comment to my own blog is going to show.

        God, my husband and traveled the treacherous waters. For me one has to have faith because this last time, we didn’t know where we were going to live.

        The one promise I hold on to is this world is not my home . It is a temporary place. One day I can shed this fast aging body and get a new one where I can join the angels and sing glory Hallelujahs to the King of King. This is going to be quite a day. 🙂

      • Welll your commenter would say I’m vain then, for I like all of my pieces..IF I didn’t like what I wrote I’d not waste the keystrokes(smile)..YES this world is a temporary place; I agree. I’m very glad to run into good people like you along my journey though..And very happy you and your hubby are still STANDING..I just told a very good friend of mine that she MUST be doing good works..For the devil throws down many hurdles when one is doing good works..I’m hopeful you think of that also about the hurdles you/your hubby have leaped over…

      • Hi dear lady!
        I still have a lot of work to do. Perhaps, some of it is through my keystrokes. I hope God works through my words written. Thank you. I don’t consider what Satan is doing and what he is not doing because this is a waste of my time. My focus needs to be on the Lord.

        Bless you over and over again!

        In Christian love,

      • @..” I don’t consider what Satan is doing and what he is not doing because this is a waste of my time. My focus needs to be on the Lord. ..” Excellent comment and sentiment! And we all are a work in progress my friend..Even those that won’t admit it..

        Blessings back at ‘cha,

  2. In January 2010, when I checked my bank account, it was emptied and I had just got paid !! I had no gas to go to work, no money to meet bills, etc., etc. The IRS had garnished my account, saying I owed them thousands of dollars. When I called them and they researched it, I owed them NOTHING, in fact, they owed me!! But they would not resolve it until I redid 3-4 years of the past 11 years !! My parents had died and left me some money, but IRS had it listed as INCOME and for 10-11 yrs taxing me and adding penalties. It was very difficult to regather info for those way “past” years. I had little money saved to hire an accountant, a friend @ work connected me w an accountant (I needed the money I had saved to pay for daily life emergencies) who agreed to work probono ! Wonderful, I thought and I started the grueling job of gathering “ancient” information. The accountant said she would help me…yeah! sure!….a year and a half later after threats, reporting her to the license Board of her state and numerous letters, phone calls, etc. The few times I got to talk to her she would say “I am mailing it out on Friday”. Friday never came, not for a year and a half. I was so overwhelmed and worried, despondent was the word !! But my saving Grace and an answer to a prayer, were the people I worked with…..suddenly lunch money appeared from a friend that “tithed” to me $20 a paycheck so I could eat in the cafeteria during my 13 hour shift, someone gave me a gift card to Publix grocery ,my sister gave me money for gas, the county was about to auction my property for the tax payment (the taxes were 700$ but late fees, court costs, penalties brought it up to $4,600), my neighbor would bring me milk, bread, gas money, do repairs @ no cost, he kept my spirits up, a C.N.A. @ work took out a loan to pay my back taxes the first year (saved my home), my sister came through the next year and paid my taxes, since I worked out of town, a place was provided for me to stay, free of charge the weeks I worked…..on and on the help appeared as I needed it..It was amazing! God’s work at hand! He kept me sane through the works of many, many people helping me!! Of course when the IRS finally paid me…..I began the job of repaying people, some would not take it. The IRS attached my credit report for 79,000 $…when they paid me back they kept 15,000 $ for themselves ! …so many unsung HEROS and they are all in my heart !! I think of them often and love them much !! One day, I may write a book about it ! God Bless to those that care. I apologize for the length….Barbara

    • Hi Barbara!
      You needn’t apologize for the length. I think, if people read this story, they will be blessed. Maybe, they won’t lose hope in mankind. There are still so many good and kind people out there. God provided them and touched there hearts.

      Thank you for commenting. I do appreciate the words and wisdom in your writing.

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