Greenville Kleiser stated, “Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment.”

Out of curiosity, I wanted to find out the types of humor we humans have. Of course, there was no agreement of the number but even wikipedia listed four different types. Two of the categories I consider humor wasn’t even listed.

The four different classes of humor that have influenced my life, I’m giving them Sharon’s category names.

The first kind of humor that tickles my funny bone is called CRAZY, ZANY HUMOR. Hmm, what is a funny bone? Well, will leave this maybe for another blog. You ask me what kind of humor is that? Drum roll, please! It is the type of humor found in Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s sitcom.

One particular funny episode occurs that I remember when Lucy works in a candy factory. Her job is to pack the candy morsels. However, wouldn’t you know it, she can’t keep up with the conveyor belt that begins slow but soon speeds up.

Lucy doesn’t want to get fired and have the candy fall on the floor, so she begins to stuff the candy into her mouth looking like a chick muck holding nuts in its mouth.

Next, she begins to stuff those sticky suckers down her blouse and wherever else she can stuff them. Now that’s comedy! I laughed until I had to make a bee line to the bathroom.

I loved to watch Red Skelton and Carol Burnett, as well. They don’t make them like they use to. Even Johnny Carson would wear his crazy hat and come up with some whoppers in which I began to giggle and laugh.

The second type is called ANECDOTAL FAMILY HUMOR SITUATIONS. Here is one example of this humor. A couple months after 9/11, our government put out a warning to not open any strange mail or packages because they could possible have anthrax spores.

I received a strange box that didn’t have anything written on it. This strange box sat on our front porch until my husband came home. Both of us didn’t remember ordering anything. So Jose, my husband dressed me in a large, trash bag. I wore plastic bags around my shoes. I tied a towel around my head, and one around my face. Oh yes, I wore cleaning gloves. I moved the parcel from the front porch to the lanai.

The man, who professed to love me, my brave knight shouted orders from behind the sliding lanai, glass door. First, he began hollering at me to bend over the package. Because he was hollering at me through the glass window, his voice was muffled.

I turned to hear what he was saying and almost knocked over the box. Jose rolled his eyes and shook his head. I realized what he was trying to say to me and bent sticking my rump up in the air.

Carefully, I opened the folds of each corner. I gingerly removed the box from the brown paper. I began to laugh then bellow. My husband began screaming, “What, what’s the matter?” I yelled, “All’s clear. These are my thank you cards for after my graduation.”

My husband shook his head and came to my rescue when he received the “all’s clear” to help me climb out of my costume. We still laugh about it and say, “Remember when- – -?”

The third type of humor is NATURE HUMOR. One night after an emotional evening of working as a nurse, I came home distraught. I could not clear my mind no matter how hard I prayed. Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, I went outside and sat in one of the lanai chairs. I listened to a little bird just singing away in an monotone song.

In fact, I never heard of a bird chirping like this. I forgot about my emotional pain and began to giggle. I remember thinking; gee maybe he’s deaf and can’t hear himself. I could imagine him sticking his little head up and pointing to the stars and the moon as he sang what he thought was a beautiful song.

He continued to peep his heart out. After all he had the right to sing to the Lord no matter what time of day or night it was. I can imagine the Lord smiling when He heard his creation praising him. In a short while, a group of birds woke up, or they were already awake. I pictured them as having put up with this rascal bird for long enough. They let out a chorus of what I assumed as angry chirping. My little, singing fella, decided to hush up and go back to sleep. So, did I after experiencing a great laugh.

The fourth type of humor is BIBLICAL HUMOR. One of the scenes found in the New Testament is after Jesus rose again and found his disciples Peter and John and others fishing. They fished all night long and not one fish was caught. Jesus stood on the shore frying fish for the men he loved, and he prepared bread knowing they’d be hungry.

I can picture him raised his hands to his mouth and hollering to His disciples, “Did you catch any fish? Try, throwing your nets over the side of the boat, again.”

Do you think maybe they thought who does this man think he is? Why is he telling us to throw our nets in the water when we are the fishermen and fished all night? Still, they threw their nets over the ship, and their nets become full of fish, they experienced difficulty pulling in their bounty.

This made me laugh because Jesus knew that the disciples hadn’t caught any fish. He knew they were perturbed, down trodden over his death and now angry because not even one fish did they catch. Yet, this stranger is frying fish on the beach. I love it.

Yes, there are many examples of humor in the Bible.

I guess what I’m saying in this world filled with terror, anger, pain and the seriousness of events taking place around us and to us, look for the lighter side of things. Try to find the humor. Just for a moment, one can escape and bring joy to one’s heart. You deserve it!

What do you consider as humor? Do you have any funny antidotes you could write about? I loved to hear about them.



  1. My favorite thing to do at the end of a stressful day is to read or watch something funny. It is a great way to relax and unwind.
    My kids are always saying funny things and I really should be recording them. The other evening my hubby was having a pink vodka drink. My 2 year old took a sip, winced, then said in her 2 year old drawl, “It pink. I a girl so I can have it.”

    • Yes, Mercy, Many years ago there was a program called “Kids Say the Darnest Things.” I loved it. I recall some of things my adult children said when they were little and it still makes me laugh. Please, enjoy them as much as you can.
      Thanks you for following and your comments.

      Take care. 🙂

  2. Humor is the MAINSTAY of my day! My friend Sharon is one, of many, I love to make chuckle. The other day she was very concerned over her husband’s health, and she was very teary eyed. If anything happened to him, “what would she do!! ” I reassured her, by telling her as I have frequently, “you always have a place at my home”. She stopped crying and said “You are always so good to me, thank-you!” and started to get choked up again. So, I said, in a kind, soft voice “No problem, we’ve been friends for 30+ yrs. and once you move in I’m going to TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY ! ” She immediately began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh ! Surprisingly, I could Hear the smile in her voice ! She was back to her ole’ self . Spirits lifted! Mission accomplished ! …I call this type of humor……the Soft, Slinky, Slip… softly slip in the humor, @ the appropriate time, it makes them hesitate and briefly think “What did she say ??!!” then the laughter bursts out!…healing begins!…Amen !

    • Hey Barbara!
      You do make me laugh. We help each other out. I like the “Solf, Slinky, Slip Humor. Thank you for your comments. I gave a little giggle when I read your comments.

      Love you!!!

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