First of all welcome. Today’s topic concerns the use of weapons that a woman diagnosed with cancer can use to avoid the affects of the psychological roller coaster of the disease.

A couple of days ago, my friend, Barbara, and I talked about the time of her life when she fought cancer. She suffered from malignant melanoma skin cancer.

In 2013, there will be 70,000 diagnosed with melanoma. According to the American Cancer society, there are two other common types of skin cancer which are squamous carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma where 3.5 million new cases are diagnosed every year. The causation is sun exposure which affects the back of hands, face, ears, neck and lips.

In 2011, Barbara suffered one destructive wave against her after another. The last negative swell was a Tsunami that lead to a fight for her life.

I asked her how she avoided the pitfall of the highs and lows of the disease. She gave me five different ways which sustained her during cancer and afterwards.

1. PRAYER took first place on her list. What she told me that prayer brought her solace.

Besides this, there were even prayer warriors praying for her.
Her own surgeon before the operation prayed with her.

God promises to walk with us through the valley of death and to fear no evil for his rod and staff will comfort us. This brings much comfort to those who believe.

2. EDUCATING oneself about the disease is important. A person should understand the nature of whatever type of cancer one is battling. It is important to understand the language used by doctors and nurses. Get a second opinion.

3. SUPPORT of friends and family is important. They provide support needed to face the day. They provide a listening ear. They provide a shoulder to cry on.

Another one of my friends who suffered from metastasized cancer, after experiencing her hair falling out from receiving several chemo treatments asked me to shave all of her hair off her head, but changed her mind. She did it herself. I would have gladly done anything to make her life easier to handle.

4. SEEK medical professional support. They are there for the asking.

5. GET a healing proactive role. Understand what the doctors want to do. Try not to let negativism pollute your mind. Remember what your mother told you. Eat your vegetables and fruit. Have a well-rounded diet.

Barbara is now in recession and been cancer free for one and a half years. I celebrate her life. I’m privileged to call her my friend.

Tell me for those of you who have experienced cancer or have friends or family that have, what are your ways that you coped? What were the ways your loved ones and family coped?



  1. So lovely written …….so thoughtfully done ! Everyone’s journey is different and it effects them differently but we want the same outcome ….healing ! And who is the Greatest Healer of all ? The Lord God. He is there for us…we are His children. He points the Way to the appropriate caregivers, He gives us the Motivation to ask appropriate questions, the Intelligence to follow treatment and the Energy to seek/ask questions if in doubt…….Thank you ,,,,,and God Bless to all who suffer…….Barbara

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