There are dozens of types of FEAR we humans can experience at any time.

The acronym of FEAR is False Evidence Appears Real.

FEAR is defined by the American Medical Dictionary as a feeling of agitation and dread by the presence of imminence of danger.

Three of them plague my life.

1. Since I live in Florida, I have a FEAR of roaches. I know they are small and scurry from area to another. I’m scared to death of them. Of course, there are the Palmetto bugs. They are Texas size roaches, Big and Ugly. Maybe this is it. Orginally in the north west, I believe roaches are dirty.

Whatever size they are, I jump scream for my knight in shining armor to come and smash the breathe out of them. Don’t pick them up and take them outside while they run down your arm before you open the outside door. Kill the suckers and send them to roach heaven.

2. Another FEAR is non acceptance of my peers and judgment by them. Now this can get in the way of living. One thing about getting older is one grows a thick skin.

3. The third FEAR is a fear of failure and new things. I remember as a student nurse, my first injection I gave I needed to explain the whole procedure to him. Well at least this was for me, so I looked like I knew what I was doing.

The needle appeared to have a mind of its own and moved back and forth like the pendulum on a clock. My legs felt like cooked noodles. I performed the injection- the patient didn’t die. I walked out on wobbly legs, with a happy smile.

This is what I compare my first blog to. I’m shaking on the inside. Yet, here I am. I’m going to push through all this. My new blog concerns the various issues we women face in life from young girls to older women and the world we live in.

What are you afraid of? What are your fears? Have they changed since you were a young girl? Have you managed to not let them hinder you in your daily life?

Leave me a comment. I loved to read it.



  1. Just read this quote: If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you won’t come up with anything original. Fear keeps us stuck in our old ways. Let’s not let it win.

    • Hi Bupe Rose!
      You are right. Fear can clog creativity. It can even stfle one’s life. Yet, out of the ashes of Fear can rise heroes and beauty if we don’t let it win. Thank you for commenting I enjoyed reading your comments.

      • Yes, fear keeps you from moving on, stepping out and it can be crippling! IF YOU allow it! DON’T allow this to happen….think more of yourself, have a FAITH, attach to and practice Prayer for STRENGTH…. the ability to OVERCOME. TALK about it and CLOSE the door that brings suspicions, and open the door to the actuality of TRUTH……what IS and NOW. Discuss and list what would happen, when you have this fear, all aspects of it. Then list and discuss the REALITY if this fear continues….face the TRUTH of it. Don’t be afraid to TALK and Minimize the fears….I’ve been alone most of my adult life……..I’ve had to fight through MANY fears and I MADE it!…One of my favorite sayings is “And what is the WORST that can happen ??!!” ….so, don’t allow the worst to happen, turn over the coin !…………… Good Blog…….from a “Fear Survivor”…….Barbara

      • Hi Barbara.
        Thank you for your comments. You certainly are indeed a fear survivor of many otsticles that life has thrown at you.

        I appreicate your wisdom, and your comments. Most of all I value your friendship. Love you.

      • Hi Barabar!
        If this is posted twice, then I know I missed up. Let me see what I remember what I posted or least what I thought I posted.

        I appreciated your comments. You are indeed, a survivor of all the things thrown at you through you life.

        I appreciate your wisdome, but most of all I appreciate and value your friendship. I love you.

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